Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Caramel Pudding

          Caramel Pudding..If I ask you ,is it good for summer only?  What will be your answer?I hope everyone will say , why only summer ,this yummy and healthy desert fits in all parties in all season and liked by all age group. I learnt pudding from my Maa , way back in my childhood​ and that was without using oven.After that tried many times to make pudding , but felt each time it is not up to the mark, but gradually I realise it becomes tasty and yummy anf now i hope I become successful to make a perfect pudding.Though I can't match with Maa's cooking taste without using oven...
             After marriage ,  once I cook Chicken Rezala and Pudding for guests and all admired me... Today I am sharing this pudding recipe with you all.To make this dish very minimum ingredients needed and not to mentioned all are generally  available at our home...


·         1/2 ltr pack milk( used full cream milk)
·         1/4 the cup and 3-4 tbsp of sugar( used measurement cup and spoon)
·         2 eggs
·         2 trimmed bread slices
·         1/8 th tsp of vanilla essence
·         Yellow food colour ( optional)


·         Boil milk in a heavy pan and add 3-4 tbsp of sugar .Mix it and boil till it became little thick and reduced it's volume.
·         Let it be cool in  room temperature.

·         In a small container soak the bread slices in milk using 4 tbsp of milk that is boiled and being cool.
·         After 15 minutes it became very soft ,then strain it to avoid the lump.
·         Now to caramelize the sugar put 1/4  the cup of sugar in a  pan and keep it as it is without any movement.Obviously during this time gas flame should be very low.

·         Sugar will start to melt ,then gently mix it with spatula .
·         When sugar is melted totally,remove from heat and add 2 tsp of water in it,and then it is becaming clot.
·         Again re- heat and mix it gently.The smooth caramel is ready to pouring.

·         Pour and spread it in cake mould or in a flat container .
·         Keep it aside,it will set itself.
·         In a big mixing bowl  beat eggs and then mix bread paste  in it.add vanilla essence, milk and yellow food colour in it.

·         Pour it in mould and cover it with a aluminium foil and insert a pin 2-3 times for passing vapour air.

·         Heat a big kadai or flat container and pour water in that way the only half portion of the cake mould is sunk in water. Cover the kadai or container with a lid.

·         Boil for 20 -25 minutes and let it be cool.keep it in refrigerator for at-least 4-5 hours to cool.Serve it cool.

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