Thursday, 10 August 2017

Wazwan- Kashmiri Food Festival @Guchhi ,Hyatt Regancy Kolkata

       Kashmir cuisine or cooking Tradition  basically influenced  by the cuisine of the group of Central Asia is today a melodic culture of many place. Kashmiri cuisine is not difficult to cook, but very unique and flavourful in term of spices. They use mostly fennel, asafoetida, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, ginger powder, Kashmiri red chilli, saffron stand etc. that are also popular as Bengali gram masala .But the technique of use of spices enhance a magical flavour in their cooking. There are two types in their cuisine; Pandit cuisine and Muslim cuisine .Traditional Pandit cuisine are dominated by powdered and whole spices. In recent years, onions, garlic also have been included in their cooking ingredients. Most of the Kashmiri cooking is done in mustard oil or ghee.

Plenty of spices on display....
            As a representative of Kolkata Food Blogger, I joined the Kashmiri food celebration at Guchhi Hyatt, one of the best five star hotels in Kolkata. This time Hyatt has organised a Kashmiri food festival, specially Wazwan food flavours from 2nd August to 15th August at their Indian restaurant “Guchhi “under the supervision of Executive Chef of  “Guchhi” chef Uttam Dey. It’s one of the coolest ambiance as well as delicious dishes served from starter to desert satisfied all very much. Before serving Chef gave a well demonstration about the famous and special Kashmiri Rogan Josh and explained the secret behind its taste and colour .

       Their team also explained about speciality of their tea and even well said about its soothing colour and flavour.

            All delicious dishes  from starter to desert ,they arranged for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Yes there is misconception that Kashmiri cuisine does not have vegetarian options at all. Waza Seekh Kabab was served with famous green chatney and tomato-Onion Salad. It was made with minced meat and mix of their spices. At the same time  the veg Seekh Kebab that was made with lotus stem and mix spices was really- really good.

Veg-Sikh Kabab
Tomato Onion Salad
       At the main course they presented a non-veg thali consist of Nun, Rajma masala, Dum aloo, Plain white rice, tomato paneer ,fish curry, Yogurt based white kofta curry and many more. Veg thali was equally very tasteful.We really loved traditional Kashmiri pulao also.

Non-Veg Thali

Veg Thali

Kashmiri Pulao
     That special Kashmiri lamb Biryani just after that, that was pretty fragrant and mutton pieces were soft, juicy and tender. They served their special biryani Guchhi cooked with a special mushroom .

Mutton Kashmiri Pulao

Tabak Maaz

At last they served the traditional deserts Shufta  (made with fruits and lots of dry fruits. It was quite sweet and tasty.

    The pitch ice-cream served with falooda and sweet red yogurt .The combination was quite interesting .

Executive Chef of  “Guchhi” chef Uttam Dey
          You can try the ongoing food festival at Hyatt- Kolkata and sure you will like and enjoy it.The food festival not to miss out us the Wazwan food festival @ dinner and price of each dish ranges from Rs.250-900 in average. Can count for a couple is around Rs 5000 approx....

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