Thursday, 23 March 2017

Lau Chachari (Bottle Gourd Dry Curry)

 Though bottle gourd has  lots of benefits and  usefulness, yet from child hood it is not at all my favorite , except this  recipe that I’m sharing with you .We all know , there are lots of way to cook this vegetables ,this is true with bottle gourd too. Bottle gourd kopta curry, Prawn with bottle gourd (Lau chingri in Bengali).This recipe is very easy and can be done very quickly with very less ingredients. I am also sure those who are not too much fond of bottle gourd curry will find it good.I have adopted this recipe from my mother and believe me she does this dish still now just awesome.
In terms of its good side it is very healthy as Bottle gourd water  which is widely used for the weight loss is fully absorbed within  and cooked with minimal amount of oil. You can make it little bit rich with addition of fresh grated coconut.

   In the method I have suggested to boil the bottle gourd separately first. But if you don’t have time, then can add all ingredients when boiling the bottle gourd and then later dry up the water as much as you like So here it is Lau Chachari Recipe

·         Chopped Bottle Gourd(1 inch long square shaped) -1 small sized
·           Panch Phoron(mix of whole five spices like cumin seed, black cumin, fenugreek seed ,fennel seed, black mustard seed) -1 /2   tsp.
·         Chopped coriander leaves -1 handful
·         One or two green chilies
·         Salt to taste
·         Sugar -1 ½ tbsp.
·         Whole dry red chili- 1 no.
·         Grated or paste ginger -1/2 tsp.
·         Bay leaf -1 no.
·         Mustard oil -1 tbsp.

·                     Wash chopped bottle gourd and put it in a pressure cooker. Close its lid and wait for just one whistle. Switch of the flame.(water is not needed, because bottle gourd itself release water.)When vapor comes out, open the lid.
·                     Now heat a big mouth Kadai, add mustard oil.
·                     When hot, add punch futon, whole red chili and bay leaf.
·                     When it starts to spluttering, pour boiled bottle gourd (at the same time add also boiled water that is released from it.) into it.

·                     When it starts to boil, then add others remaining ingredients and let it boil covering lid with low flame.
·                     After 12-15 minutes open the lid.  Will notice the bottle gourd is cooked well and water is also dried up.
·                     If you realise that water should be dry more, then do the flame high and let it be dried.
·                     It is ready, well I think I should not mention that it comes well with Hot stream Rice. 

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