Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Chicken Satay Kebab

Chicken Satay kebab is a type of grilled chicken that can be made of diced or sliced chicken, mutton, pork, fish or any other meat or even using paneer as it’s vegetarian version. Satay sauce or any preferred dip of various spicy seasoning is perfect with it.
     It's origin is Java, Indonesia where it is called national dish ,yet it is a famous dish throughout the world People from different regions like it very much.
    To make this I have followed Vikash khanna recipe where readymade Satay sauce was used. I used homemade Satay sauce which the only difference for this recipe.

If you Google, you will get so many versions of making this sauce with little variation with two must have ingredients ‘coconut milk’’ and peanut butter’. Somewhere I saw someone used cumin and coriander powder too along with coconut milk’’ and peanut butter’.  I excluded cumin and coriander powder .It seems to me that coriander and cumin powders may dominate the nice aroma of peanut butter -coconut milk combination. You may add those if you wish. So what are you waiting for try yourself the amazing kebab..


Ø  Boneless chicken (cut into cubes) -300 grams
For marinating we need:
Ø  BBQ sauce -2 tbsp.
Ø  Fish sauce -2 tbsp.
Ø  White vinegar -1 tbsp.
Ø  Lemon juice -1tbsp.
Ø  Ginger paste -1/2 tbsp.
Ø  Garlic paste -1 tbsp.
Ø  Onion powder -1 tsp (heaped)
Ø  Lemon zest of one lemon
Ø  Peanut butter -1tsp.
Ø  Coconut milk -1/2 cup
Ø  Salt to taste
Ø  One green chili and red chili chopped

Ø  In a mixing bowl take all marinating ingredients mentioned above. Mix well.

Ø  Add chicken pieces and mix again.

Ø  Marinate at least for 2-3 hours. (Whole night marination is best, because marinated juice is consumed by chicken for much more time.)

Ø  Next insert chicken pieces into the skewer and sprinkle fresh garlic (chopped ) over it.
   (It is totally optional to sprinkle garlic on it. Personally I like it's flavour very much, so I used it more.)

Ø  Grease your griddle pan with butter or olive oil, it depends on you.
Tip: If you don't have griddle pan use frying pan, you can use oven or may use your sandwich maker plate only to do kebab on gas. Personally I'm biased to do kebab on gas. It brings the original texture and authentic taste.

Ø  Put the chicken pieces with skewer into pan.

Ø  With lower flame cook it around 20 minutes. After first 10 minutes turn another side and brush oil over chicken pieces.

Ø  Insert a knife into chicken pieces to test whether chicken are done or not.

Ø  When done, serve hot sprinkling lemon juice and little black salt over it with Satay sauce or any preferred sauce.
Ø  To serve it I used homemade Satay sauce in which I mixed mayonnaise, coconut milk, cumin powder, peanut butter and little salt.

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