Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Chicken with Egg Fried Noodles

    One dish meal is such a food item, with which no other side dish is required, i.e it's a kind of complete dish itself. This week KFB featuring Chitrangada who blogs at colorandspices and this week's topic is 'One Pot Meals'. Khichdi,Pulao, Biryani,Pasta and Noodle recipes can be perfect examples of one pot meals.Among them Khichdi is known to be a very good and healthy food and can be consumed daily and I'm sure that many moms make it for their lils , when they are in hurry (to be honest I do it almost daily at school time).
  But the great Sundays demands are something different .So last Sunday I made my lil's favourite Chicken with egg Noodles, that my daughter use to call 'ghuma chaw'.The story behind it like this......
There is a food corner named REENA near our home. We really like their chawmin, and is a special demand of my daughter every time. She renamed it as 'ghuma chaw' as she thinks it will make her falling asleep very quickly. Last Sunday I prepared it especially on her request and felt happy to satisfy my little angel. So just try it your own and I must mention that it has not been taken from any particular noodle recipe.  

Yields - 4 persons
Preparation Time: 1 hr.

·       Egg Noodles - 400 grams.
·       Boneless Chicken – 400 grams.
(Marinate the chicken pieces with 1 tbsp. of ginger garlic paste, BBQ sauce, salt and black pepper, Marinate for 15 mins then mix 2 tbsp. of corn flour and then deep fry in hot oil)

·   Egg – 2 nos.
·       Sliced Capsicum – 1 small (1 Cup chopped).
·       Carrot (Julian cut) – 1 no.
·       Garlic Chopped- 1 tbsp.
·       Spring Onion (finely chopped) – 1 handful.
·       Cabbage (finely chopped) – 1 cup.
·       Soya Sauce – 2 tbsp.
·       Chili Sauce – 2 tbsp.
·       Honey
·       Sesame seed – ½ tbsp.
·       Salt – to taste.
·       Sugar – ½ tsp.
·       Black Pepper (crushed) – 1 tbsp.
·       Olive Oil / White Oil – 3 tbsp.

·       Chicken is prepared previously and it is kept aside.  

·       In a frying pan heat a tables spoon of oil, 1/2 tbsp. of sesame seed and just roast for  1/2 minute, add 1 tbsp. of honey and just 1 to 2 drops of soya sauce,Mix well and sprinkle little spring onion.

·         For preparing the sauce take a small container and put soya sauce, chili sauce, salt and sugar, Mix well and keep the sauce mixture aside.

·       Boil noodles in sufficient water with little bit salt and one tbsp. of oil, when water begins to boil put off the flame and keep watching till noodles being properly boiled.
·       Next strain boiled noodles in a big strainer and hold under a flowing water / tap to protect the noodles from further being soggy.
·       Take the pan and fry eggs with little bit salt and pepper. Remove from heat.
·       Add more oil that is about 3 tbsp. into the pan and first sauté garlic chopped for 20 seconds, finally add other vegetables mentioned above except spring onion. Fry for 2 to 3 minutes (don’t over fry)

·       The next step is to add prepared sauce over.
·        Next add prepared chicken pieces,fried egg and finally noodles. Toss well.

·        Finally add spring onion and black pepper crushed.

·       Yes, your favourite noodle recipe is ready to serve.  

This recipe post is exclusively for the KFB Online event where the featured blogger of the week is Chitrangada who blogs at colorandspices is conducting the event.

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