Monday, 23 May 2016

Barcelos Kolkata – An Introduction to Portuguese Cuisine

           The very interesting caption “flame grilled chicken” by Barcelos and my love for grilled chicken items inspired me to review the recently launched restaurant at Acropolis Mall, Kolkata. Though I didn’t have much knowledge about Portuguese cuisine but can say Portuguese food is known for being lusty and robust as the cuisine is easy to prepare, and uses very basic ingredients. I was excited when got an invitation for a lunch and to represent Kolkata Food Blogger along with my co-bloggers Debjani , Indrani and Indrajit at . I must mention that after New Delhi ‘Barcelos’ opened their second outlet in Kolkata at Acropolis Mall (4th floor) Kasba.    

    This restaurant is a unique experience which you can’t miss to get the recreated taste of authentic Portuguese cuisine and of course they also pride themselves in the use of their different signature Peri Peri sauces (which they imports from ‘South Africa’.) You can choose your own level of spices for sure because each table is appeared with four different tests of ‘Peri-Peri sauces’Tangy Lemon, Mild Peri, Very Peri and Supa Peri.

  The restaurant is quite traditional and classy with yellow lighting around and paintings around the wall depicts the Portuguese culture and society. Bercelos Kolkata is quite specious with sitting together and enjoyment for dinner and lunch .We were served with their molecular drinks like green coloured “Kiwi Cooler” in a tall glass which was made by Kiwi Puree swisted with spices and sprite served with fresh kiwi fruit as garnish. The second one was “Hey Rosey” served in a stylish short round glass made off with rose syrup mixed with cardamom and topped with rose petals. Though personally I don’t like rose essence based drinks due to much domination of rose syrup, but they had balanced it withcardamom powder very nicely makes it much different. The last drink served was “Tangy Mango” made off with tangy mango puree mixed with spices and topped up with sprite and mango slices. At the time of serving the pouring of liquid nitrogen gave a soothing look and nice heavenly presentation.
     In the starter they served one veg “Arabic Mezze Platter” consists of Hummus, baba ganause, Peri Hummus , Yogurt Dip, Tabouli, Falafel, Lavash with 3 Pitas. For reference one plate of “Arabic Mezze Platter” is sufficient for two.


The non-veg starter was a chicken one. You can say this one as their star Dish called “espetada” – that is basically a large chunks of chicken served on a long hanging skewer along with my loved one French fries with lettuce mayonnaise dip.

     As per the main course they served ‘Trout Fish’ with a yogurt dip and French fries. They suggested a spice yellow rice along with ‘Trout Fish’ which is really light and tasty. I did not like that one though it was my very own thought but many people find it very interesting and unique. 

     I loved “Grilled chicken with Peri – Peri sauce” was really juicy and soft.

 The most unique I found was coloured burger. I have chosen chicken stuffing inside though there are four different veg and non-veg options. I tested both Red and Black Buns (Burger Buns), they explained that they use tomato powder with chili flakes, whole meal flour to bring the red colour and for the black one they use Roasted wheat, herbs, spinach extract and whole meal flour. In case of veg burger they explained it is not deep fried and so it is not crispy compared to other burger.

  Briefing my review I must say the overall presentation and hospitality was remarkable and an ideal place for peri peri lover a unique place to enjoy the authentic Portuguese cuisine. So thumbs up for this food joint.      

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