Tuesday, 5 April 2016

My Experience at Bangladeshi Food Festival menu launch @6 Ballygunge Place -with Tollywood Superstar Prosenjit / Bumba Da

 Bengal and Bengalis both have a long history of Love for food. With change of time and situation, geographic border between two countries had able to diminish the closeness of people a bit but that had not touched their emotional attachment for food. Thus Epar Bangla has always loved Opar Bangla’s delicacies. To celebrate the same emotion for food 6, Ballygunge Place,Ballygunge  brings in “Paatpere Padma-parey”, a Bangladeshi food Festival from April 8 to 24th April(excluding Poila Baisakh 14th April).

    I became too excited when I got this invitation and was not want to miss this great chance to enjoy the menu launch for this unique and authentic Bengali food festival. I was representing Kolkata Food Bloggers along with Debjani and Devpurnaa and also spent the evening with great food bloggers, food lovers and specially with our very own Tollywood superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee or Bumba da.

  It was like a dream when Bumba Da just stepped into the hall at 6 BP with his ever smiling face. Just at that moment the hall was pin drop silence and at once the silence faded away by the infinite no. of clicking sound. I was too exited like other when we saw him so close and we all leave our sit and started clicking. Sneha the PR of 6BP welcome him with flower bouquet and brief her.

 In a while Bumba da gave his best pose by holding Prawn in one hand and Hilsa on another. It was like he was trying to join the emotions for food of each sides of Bangla.

   The great association between 6 BP with Prosenjit Chatterjee brings the Movie ‘Shankhachil’ where 6 BP is the Food Partner for this film. The movie ’Shankhachil’ is the joint production which has already won 63rd National Award for Best Bengali Film recently. According to Prosenjit “Though the border between India-Bangladesh divides Bangla Historically and Geographically, for him both the countries are same as we continue sharing a very strong bond through our language, films and food. He has never seen them as two different countries and that’s what we have tried to show in the film ‘Shankhachil’ ”. Each word shows his affection towards the people of Bangladesh and Bangla.

   In his words -We celebrate festivals of different states and countries and enjoy them very much but we should never forget that out root is Bengal and we are Bengalis. Like all Bengalis he also like to eat plain rice and dal along with Aloo Posto and Fish he expressed with smile. The busy schedule and his profession demand him to stay away from all mouthwatering rich Bengali dishes but he always a been great food lover.  
     His message for food Bloggers and Food lovers was that the food should be light and healthy which helps to keep us healthy and makes our life cheerful.

    6 BP always brings authentic Bengali food and meet the expectations of Bengali but the new renovated and modified one is just too much to express regarding the quality and authenticity of Bengali food. The same was also mentioned by Bumba Da.  

 Now let’s come to the menu .After speaking with Head chef Indranil Ghosh, we knew everything about their items launched for the fest. It starts with the all-time favourite Puti maachh bhaja(which is one of the favourite Bengali item with dal drizzled with lemon)

.Next two fish items were also very authentic. First one is Kachki maacher chorchori(Ganges river sprat cooked in Bengali way) and the second one is Batashi chorchori(a small river fish cooked with Bengal spices in traditional way)

.Moving on to the main course ,one definitely have to try chingri Bharta(Prawn Mashed and cooked in with spices onion and red chillies).

Sheer Malaikari(Traditional Chingri malaikari cooked with a twist)

Murgir lotpoti (it’s specialty is that it is a slow cooked in masala gravy including chicken liver and excluding neck portion).

Morog pulao(Chicken Pulao) is also very good in taste and has a light and nice aroma little dominated by black pepper and using minimum spices cooked in dum-pukht as chef Indranil Ghosh said.

 Don’t miss others items like Mutton Bhuna(favourite from Bangladesh),

Padma Nadir Ilish cooked with mustered gravy,

Aar Maacher Bhuna(Sweetwater Catfish cooked in spicy gravy) 

and Dhakai Paratha(one of the popular from Bangladesh).

      Vegetarians shouldn’t feel left out as there is Seem Dana Bharta(Mashed veggies like flat bean seed with Indian spice gravy),Begun Khashiya (Rounded brinjal fried and cooked in chef special gravy) 
and Seem Aloo Paturi(potato and flat beans marinated with Indian spices, wrapped in banana leaf and roasted). 

Sweet item is the Keshariya Firni. That’s it all about items for this particular fest and is really enough J.

    Speaking about the festival, Chef Susanta Sengupta said ,”at 6 Ballygunge Place , we always try to offer something new to our guests keeping in mind of Bengali traditions. There couldn’t have been a better time for this festival than the Bengali New year. While our regular a la carte menu offers food from Epaar Bangla the festival menu brings in some special items from Opaar Bangla”.

So, don’t miss this golden chance for an extraordinary food festival and start the Bengali New Year like never before.

Available from noon to 3.30 pm and 7.30 pm to 10:30 pm. Meal for two comes for Rs. 1200(plus taxes).

Venue: 6 Ballygunge Place(Flagshipa and Saltlake)

Date: April 8 to 23(except Poila Boishakh-April 14)


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