Friday, 1 April 2016

Misti Khasta Nimki

             Yesterday I made this traditional and much popular Bengali snacks item “Misti Khasta Nimki”. Just thinking of sharing the recipe with you all and at the same time considering if I should publish it or not as it is almost known to all. But later I decided to share as it was just perfect at this time. I realised two mistakes which I made repeatedly on previous occasions:
I failed to get a right consistency of sugar syrup every time and as a result it became like a soaked “luchi / Puri” after mixing fried Nimki with syrup.
I had taken wrong measurement of oil to flour mixture for making dough, that’s very important to bring crunchiness.
        I must mention, my mom rectified my measurements which leads to a perfect” Moyam” and also the technique of how to check the perfectness of “Moyam”(also mentioned in my blog post). After preparing a perfect Nimki I felt so happy and just could not resist myself to share it in my blog.

·       Flour -1 small cup (I used tea cup)
·       Wheat flour (Atta) -1 cup.
·       Corn flour – heaped 2 tsp.
·       White oil /Ghee -2 ½ tbsp.
·       Water –as required to make a dough (I required little less than ½ cup
(Dough will not be much hard or soft)
·       Salt -1/4 tsp.
For sugar syrup:
·       Sugar -1 cup.(I used measurement cup)
·       Water -1/2 cup.

·       Take a container and mix flour, wheat flour, salt. Mix well.
·       Add oil/ghee (I used white oil) to flour atta mixture and mix well.
(After mixing ,for testing just take some amount of flour mix into your palm and close your palm once . you will notice ,the amount of flour mix that you took into your palm will remain binding itself and will not fall apart, then have to understand ”Moyam” is ready for Nimki.)

·       Pour water slowly and make soft dough by kneading well.
·       Make sure that you keep the prepared dough Covered and take oil in kadai for deep frying Nimki.
·       Divide four small and moderately equal dough balls from the prepared dough which was kept previously.
·       Use a rolling pin to flatten each ball like a round roti. Don’t flatten too much.
·       Spread little amount of flour over the base and also at bottom of flatten dough before cutting into square shaped.
(It helps to separate each square from other and prevent sticking.)
·       Now cut into small squares with knife or pizza cutter and fry these into hot oil. When fry don’t keep the flame always high.

·       Keep fried fresh Nimki apart.
·       Finally for sugar syrup take a pan .Add water and sugar. Let’s it boil. Sugar will dissolve very quickly. Don’t remove from heat; allow the syrup for boil at medium high heat for another 6-7 minutes to thick.
·       Now sink a spoon and pull it out from pan .If the syrup stick to the spoon it is ready. Don’t boil further otherwise it will solidify.

·       Quickly remove from heat and carefully add fresh fried Nimki to syrup. Mix gently and cool it.
·       That’s it, it is done , keep it in an airtight container after it cool down.

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