Sunday, 20 March 2016

Potol Posto (Parwal Curry with Poppy Seeds)

    At any point of time if you ask any Bengali about their favourite Bengali dish after a long day, they will definitely going to answer Beulir dal (Urad lentil) and Aloo Posto (dry potato curry with poppy seed) along with hot steamed rice and just a few hot fried pieces of Katla Fish. Personally I love to have this simple lunch especially after a hectic schedule or after a series of heavy meals (though I never hesitate and like to have taste of variety of cuisines). Also in the hot scorching summer I definitely prefer Tok dal (Mung or Mosur lentil with raw mango) and any dry preparation with poppy seed along with rice. This preparation gives some relief from heat and also a gives a sound sleep J.
            There are so many variety and traditional preparations with Poppy Seeds and most of them we inherit from Maa or Dida. Today I'm going to share one of such popular recipes made up of Poppy Seed called “Patol Posto”(in Bong) or “Parwal Curry with Poppy Seeds” –an authentic Bengali recipe.

·       Parwal / Patal (peeled and cut into half vertically)-250 grams
·       Potato(peeled and divided into four vertically)-3 small
·       Sliced onion -1 medium
·       Poppy seed paste -3 tbsp.
·       Green chili -4 no.
·       Turmeric powder -1/4 tsp.
·       Kashmiri red chili powder -1//4 tsp.
·       Salt to taste
·       Sugar -2 tsp.
·       Mustard oil -3 tbsp.
·       Coconut cream -2 tsp.(optional)

·       In a blender blend poppy seed and 2 green chilies together.
·       Heat oil in to a kadai.
·       When oil is hot add Parwal and potatoes. Stir and add salt, turmeric powder and mix again.

·       Let it cooks at medium flame for 10 minutes and meanwhile stir frequently.
·       It will be fried and colour turns light brown colour.
·       Then add onion slices, red chili powder, mix and cook for another 2-3 minutes to fry the onion slightly.

·       Add poppy seed paste and mix with constant stir together with parwal –potato mixture in high flame for a minute.

·       Poppy seed paste will be mixed and will stick a bit with the edge of kadai.

·       Then add small ½ cup of water and rest green chili slices in it.You can add optionally 2 tsps. of coconut milk too.

·       When it starts to boil reduces the flame and let it be cooked for another 10 minutes with covering lid.
·       When done gravy will be thicken.
·        Finally spread ½ tsp. of mustard oil over it and is ready to serve with hot stream rice.

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