Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Kasha Mangsho (Sunday Mutton Curry)

          How one can forget the childhood memories of spending a Sunday in lazy mood sitting with a big joint family and enjoy a delicious lunch. The joy was bigger and better when the lunch was full of items form traditional authentic Bengali cuisine.

       The Sundays are still there without that big joint families but the leisureness remains the same. Still We Bengalis used to Bhuribhoj (stomach full) on Sundays. There are a variety of different traditional Bengali dishes prepared. Among them the one dish that never fails to impress anyone is Kosha Mangsho or The Spicy Mutton Curry. It's a fact that almost all Bengalis live to eat and not compromise food with anything and most of them have grown up licking their fingers to Kosha Mangsho's rich gravy and biting into the juicy pieces of the meat, cooked lovingly by their grandmothers and mothers. Today I am posting the recipe “Kosha Mangsho / Sunday Mutton Curry” straight from authentic traditional Bengali cuisine


·        Mutton (With bone) -1 kg
For marinating:                                                        
·        Onion paste -5 no(medium sized)
(I used 3 for preparing veresta and rest two for the curry )
·        Ginger paste -2 tbsp.
·        Garlic paste -3 medium sized
·        Yogurt -150 grams.
·        Vinegar -2 tsp. (optional)
·        Green chili slices -2-3 no.
·        Kashmiri red chili powder – 1 tsp. heaped  
Other ingredients:
·        Cumin powder -2 tsp.
·        Coriander powder -2 tsp.
·        Salt –to taste
·        Sugar-1 tsp.  
·        Turmeric powder -1 tsp.
·        Red chili powder -1/2 tsp. (If you want can avoid this time)
·        Onion slices -2 no.
·        Mustard oil -4 tbsp.
·        New seasoned potato-6 no.
·        Spice powder (Garam Masala) -1 tsp.       
(To make spice powder we need 10 cardamoms,3-4 small pieces cinnamon,8-9 cloves,1/4 nutmeg,1 mace,2 bay leaves,  kebabchini  4-5 nos., White pepper -10 nos. Dry roast all these and make powder in blender.)

·        First wash the mutton pieces and take it in to a bowl.
·        Take 3 onions and chopped roughly,Now fry chopped and 2 dry red chilis together in mustard oil.Now take out fried onions and chilis along with oil into a grinder and make a paste.
·        Add all mentioned marinating ingredients  including the paste prepared and mix well.

·      Keep it into refrigerator for while night after mixing some raw mustard oil and after tightly wrap using a kling film.

·        Now heat a kadai .Take 3 tbsp. of oil into it.
·        When oil is hot add a onion(slices) and fry it until it became light brown.
·        Remove from heat and keep aside.
·        Now in to the remaining oil first place the marinated mutton pieces in to kadai, mix and cook for 5-6 minutes
·        Then add the rest marinated gravy and salt in it .Cook for 10-12 minutes. you will notice ,oil is being floating on top.
·        At this situation add rest of the ingredients mentioned above except garam masala powder. Mix and cook for another minutes. Oil will float on top.
·        Then add water and when it starts to boil, cover the lid and let it boil for at least for an hour. Otherwise after 10-15 minutes transfer it in to a pressure cooker and wait for 4-5 whistles.
·        Mutton will get ready and become soft. Mix garam masala powder with it and spread fried onion over it. Serve with hot rice or Indian bread.
·        Tip: You can avoid potatoes if you don’t like .If you use oil seasoned potatoes then boil potatoes for less time than mutton, Otherwise potatoes will be melt. But it will not happen in case of new seasoned potatoes.

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