Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Chocolate Mousse Cake

            I did an Exhibition cum Sale and showcased few of my baked items just few days before. The response was very satisfactory but the fact for which I am sharing the thing is that the feedback for the most demanded product on Sale was “Chocolate Mousse Cake”. The feedback and the complements were so much positive that I decided to share this recipe in my blog among my friends.
         Despite of earlier failure of making a complete flourless cake, I tried and experiments many times to get a perfect result and these are the real satisfaction I realised. I came across many food blogs and recipe sites full of recipes and baked goods but very few of them really gives good result and there are too few which you can trust blindfolded. One of such sites which are perfect in all respect is “Joy Of Baking” and I must mention that I got the perfect result following the recipe. Due to quick decision of posting the recipe the post does not consist of step by step photography which I generally do. But I will try to post steps very soon and will edit the post. By this time just try this recipe and please please let me know.


For flour less chocolate cake:

·       Eggs -3 nos.
·       Butter -1/2 cup (113 grams)
·       Dark chocolate -170 grams.
·       Vanilla essence -1 tsp.
·       Cream of tartar -1/4 tsp.
·       Sugar powder -1/3 cup.(65 grams)

For chocolate mousse:

·       White chocolate -90 grams.
·       Whipped cream(after beating) -2 cups


Flour-less chocolate cake:

·       Separate the egg white and egg yolk and keep both into separate dry clean bowls.
·       In a mixing bowl take chocolate and butter. Microwave it for max 30 seconds .Mix it with a spatula.
·       When done wait to bring it at room temperature and beat egg yolks and vanilla essence into it.
·       Now preheat the oven at 180 degree C for 10-12 minutes.
·       Line at the bottom and side portion of a spring form cake tin with a baking parchment paper
     (To stick the butter paper at side first brush little bit butter and then stick the butter paper.)
·       Beat egg white till it becomes soft peak. Mix cream of tartar with it and beat for further 30 seconds.
·       Fold egg white mixture into chocolate mixture.
·       Pour cake batter into mould and bake for 20 minutes or until the cake is set. The top portion will be cracked and raise and then it will be set.
·       Cool it completely and keep it in refrigerator for an hour.
·       Pull out from refrigerator ,de-mould it gently and cut it with a small cookie cutter into round shapes and place and arrange it on a parchment paper.

For chocolate mousse:

·       Melt the white chocolate at 120 degree C for 1 ½ minutes, then stir it with a spoon.
·       Let it cool till it becomes room temperature. Then mix little amount of whipped cream with it. After then fold whole whipped cream with it.
·       Put it in to a piping bag with a big mouthed nozzle and pipe over each round shaped cake.
·       Garnish top with a cherry if you wish.
·       Serve cool.


  1. It is a strong baking agent, and generally have to be mixed with wet ingredients.used as a raising agent along with baking powder.