Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Baked Chicken Pasta with White Sauce

·       Boiled vegetables (I cut all vegetables in to cubes)
·       Carrot – ¼ cup
·       Capsicum -1/4 cup
·       Peas – 1 handful
·       Beans (small chopped sized) -1 tbsp.
·       Broccoli florets -1/4 cup.
       (You can also use your more preferred vegetables.)
·       Small bite sized chicken pieces -100 grams.
·       Salt –to taste
·       Black pepper crushed -1/2 tsp.
·       Crushed garlic -2-3 pods
·       Boiled Italian pasta(Bow Tie / Farfalle) -1 ½ cup.
(I boiled pasta with little bit of salt and olive oil for 15 minutes in plenty of water at low flame. Italian pasta takes more time to be soft than Indian pasta. Just after boiling place it under running tap water to stop further cooking and prevent it from sogginess.)
·       Grated cheese -2 cheese cube
(I used cheese cubes, though mozzarella cheese will do better because of its more flexible starchiness

For white sauce:
·       Chopped garlic -1 tsp.
·       Butter -2 tbsp.
·       Flour -2 tsp.
·       Milk -1/2 cup.

·       First wash all vegetables and put it into pressure cooker. Add one cup of water and boil up to a single whistle. After standing time take vegetables out from water and keep aside.
·       If require reduce the quantity of water and add chicken pieces, salt, garlic pods and black pepper (into the same remaining water that had used to boil vegetables). Boil it up-to a single whistle too. Chicken will be soft now.
       (It would be better if water is consumed in chicken, yet if there is extra, use it in another cooking or drink this healthy juice.)
·       Now mix boiled chicken and vegetables.
·       Now take a pan .heat it and add butter.
·       When it melts add flour and saute for two minutes.
·       Pour milk slowly, mix by constant stirring at low heat. There should not be any lumps. Thus the white sauce done.

·       Remove from heat and mix vegetables-chicken mixture with it .Mix well.

·       Add boiled pasta and mix well.

·       Take a baking glass tray. Grease it with little bit of oil and place the prepared mixture over.
·       Finally spread grated cheese all over and put into a preheated oven at 200 degree C.

·       Bake for 9-10 minutes 

·       Now it is ready serve hot and enjoy this dish with your kids and family.

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