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6 Ballygunge Place,Ballygunge -- explore a new dining experience.

            As a member of KolkataFood Bloggers, we (along co-blogger friends Indrani and Debapriya) were invited at the official inauguration of the newly renovated 6 Ballygunge place, Ballygunge. The first word one would say “WOW” as this newly renovated place is shining like a gem with rich Bengali past, offering a pacifying and aesthetically soothing ambience .The restaurants recently got a complete makeover and yes an added floor too. One can find this brilliant ambience with a various range of uniquely designed interior-exterior which reflects a rich tradition ethnic Bengali touch everywhere.

     After being completely take-over by ‘Abin Design Studioone of the leading architectural firms in Kolkata in collaboration with Square Consultancy Services for renovation for more than three months, this well-known Bengali restaurant reopened once again with a bang with a complete new makeover and bong feel. Now the restaurant become bigger as the entire building becomes opened for various purpose as a single unit.

with PR Sneha Dutta

  The ground floor serves the buffet at lunch and dinner time and the 1st floor take cares by serving guests as a regular A-la-carte. The total seating capacity now becomes more than 150. The 2nd floor totally converted into a banquet space along with the nice rooftop catering about 200 guests at a time. So the restaurant becomes a full grown food hub along with a luxurious party hall.
Buffet serves at the ground

 A-la-carte at 1st Floor 

The 2nd floor totally converted into a banquet space along with the nice rooftop 
  The architects decided to play around this beautiful residential structure from nineteenth century with some natural feelings of Bengali and are actually inspired by the paintings of ‘Lalu Prasad Shaw’, the brilliant colour compositions of his works were transliterated architecturally in the form of hand painted walls, furniture and lighting design. The idea was to render a theme in spatial and temporal domains rather than using as mere wall embellishments. 

    The exterior design is inspired by the ‘Sahaj Path’ of Bengali language with exterior painted in pristine white provides the perfect canvas for painted motifs from ‘Sahaj Path’ that wraps around the ground floor . 

   The Bengal ‘Potochitro’ and the Babu culture depicts in the huge wall at the first floor framed by a series of arches presents a traditional wall painting and rendered over chair backs, Menu card and crockeries. 

Central hall is designed with Sahaj path motifs and provides a symbolic representation of balcony on one side.  The smaller rooms house Sara paintings on the walls. These are augmented by wooden louvered fenestrations that allow filtered sunlight to create interplay of light and shade that enlivens the interior. 
Lanterns Decorated Stairs 
Accent lights were customised that combined illumination and decoration. While the central buffet holds a chandelier made with traditional Bengali kitchen equipments , the cage chandeliers exploits traditional Bengali fascinations with pet birds. Mamoni Chitrakar from Pingla, West Midnapore, has come up with these cat-and-fish imageries on Kalighat saras (Bengali styled convex earthen pitchers) that adorn the bright yellow walls. Gramophone at the corner makes the ambience more attractive.

Reception area

          Must mention Sarbari Dutt one of the renowned dress designer has designed beautiful crockeries.
 Each and every artworks from top to bottom were well described by PR Sneha Dutta who mentioned Ramchandra Dey and Debatosh Kar done most of the paintings and sculpture works.
    There is so much to mention regarding decorations! One can find the actual art works by visit the place once and can actually experience the past in the present.
    If you see the Menu card there is also a touch of Bengali literature specially poem like description which is really -really innovative and Bengalis will find this menu quite innovative and it keeps you bit busy till food serves. This menu card also has a simple English version for non-Bengalis and foreigners. This menu card is designed by “Inner Circle Ad Agency”.
    Now coming back to platter, the Bengali menu is same as before with some additional items like ‘Laoer Doga Diye Ilish’ means Hilsa with bottle guard stems,Dab Vapa Puli,Vaja Pithe and Bhuna Chingi from Bangladeshi cuisine . 
Laoer Doga Diye Ilish
Gandharaj Ghol
Fish Fry
Kasha Mangsa
Dab Vapa Puli
Bhuna Chingi
Vaja Pithe
They have also mentioned that due to huge demand of continental dishes across all age groups they once again re-launched continental dishes. 6 Ballygunge place proudly operates catering services ‘Savourites Hospitality’ in no of IT firms and also in some well-known clubs like Calcutta Club and Tolly Clubs.
  Among continental ‘Grilled Fish on the bed of veggies and mashed potato’, Bread  & Butter Roasted Lambs are launched and also we got the taste the same.       
Grilled Fish on the bed of veggies and mashed potato

Bread  & Butter Roasted Lambs 

find 6 Ballygunge Place in Salt Lake other than Ballygunge itself along with restaurants in Bangalore and Guwahati

Pocket Pinch for 2 : Rs. 800-1200 apprx. 

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