Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Garlic Chicken

              A quick and one of the easiest chicken recipes for days. The Recipe particularly goes quite well with fried rice recipes and even noodles. The garlic along with moderate sugar will melt into a sweet glaze, customized with favourite spring onion. So nothing to said much about this just follow the recipe and enjoy.

·        Boneless chicken (Bite size pieces) – 500 grams.
·        Garlic (Chopped/Roughly grated) – 10 -12 pods.
·        Onion (Medium sized) -2 nos.
·        Tomato Ketchup – 2 tbsp.
·        Tomato Puree – ½ cup.
·        Salt – to taste.
·        Dry Red Chili Paste- 5 nos. (can use more dry chili)
·        (Soak dry chili in a like warm water before the cooking day and on the day of cooking make a fine paste)
·        Sugar – 1 tsp.
·        Spring Onion – 1 handful.
·        Corn flower – 2 tbsp.
·        White Oil – 3 tbsp.
·        Water – ¼ cup.
·        Heat a pan and add oil.
·        When oil is moderately hot add garlic. Sauté for just one minute. It became in light brown colour.

·        Add onion and sauté for a minute or until the colour of onion become light pink.

·        Add chicken pieces, salt and fry it in high heat for a minute. Chicken changes it colour.

·        Add red chili paste, tomato ketchup and puree and mix it well.

·        Let it boil for 10 to 12 minutes at low heat .It will not take much time to cook.
·        In a small container mix corn flower and water well.   

·        Open the lid and increase the heat, add corn flower mix water, spring onion. Mix well and take out from heat.

·        Give a standing time, it is ready to eat.   


Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Chicken 65

·        Chicken (Boneless) – 300 grams.
·        Vinegar (Optional) – 2 tbsp.
For Marination:
·        Green Chili – Garlic- Ginger – 2 tbsp.(I Took 1 ½ garlic, 1” piece ginger and 2 green chili).
·        Red Chili Powder – 1 tbsp.
·        Curry Leaves (Chopped)- 2/3 nos.
·        Turmeric Powder – ¼ tsp.
·        Black Pepper powder – ½ tsp.
·        Garam masala powder – ¼ tsp.
(Dry Roast cardamom, clove and cinnamon and then made a powder)
·        Salt – to taste.

For preparing binding
·        Flour – 2 tbsp.
·        Cornflower – 2 tbsp.
·        Egg White – 1 no.
·        (May not required the whole egg white, If you don’t want to use egg then use 1 ½ tbsp. of yogurt).
·        Food Colour – 1 pinch(Optional)
(If you want red colour in chicken then only use colour because red chili can’t bring the attractive reddish colour of chicken).
·        Oil - To deep fry.

For preparing Saute:
·        White oil – 2 tbsp.
·        Cumin seed – 1/4th tsp.
·        Chopped Ginger Garlic – 1 tsp.
·        Ginger Garlic Paste – ½ tsp.
·        Green Chili Sliced or Chopped – 2 nos
·        (I used Slices)
·        Curry Leaves – 8-10 nos.
·        Pepper powder – 1/4th tsp.
·        Chili powder – 1/4th tsp.
·        Salt – to taste.
·        Yogurt- 2 tbsp(Heaped and beaten).
·        Coriander leaves – 1 handful.
·        Turmeric Powder – ¼ tsp.


·        Marinate chicken pieces with vinegar for 15 top 20 mins. But I generally do it for a whole night because it makes the pieces super soft though it is totally optional.
·        After the Marination drain the extra vinegar.
·        Now take a mixing bowl and put chicken pieces and add all ingredients of Marination mentioned above. Marinate for half an hour.
·        After Marination add the ingredients of binding and mix with the marinated chicken pieces.
·        Now deep fry pieces in hot oil until it becomes golden brown and keep aside.

·         Again take a pan and take 2 to 3 tbsp. oil and add cumin seed, chopped ginger garlic, fry for ½ minute.

·         Then add curry leaves, turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste, Red chili powder, green chili slices and sauté for a minute.
·        Now add beaten yogurt and mix it well.
·        Finally add fried chicken pieces and salt to taste. Toss well. It is ready

·        If you want bit gravy then add tomato ketchup or sweet and sour tomato sauce. It also brings a wonderful taste.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Apple Rose Tart

          This is the last month of the year and again there is new hope along with a new start to begin, The New year is coming. Already the preparations started , streets has already lightened up, Christmas tree and Christmas decorations already done and kids are eagerly waiting for their most loving old person ‘Santa’ with Red Dress and hat laden with variety of gifts. It is the time to say Bye to the ongoing year and welcoming the year to come.
      In such a wonderful moment I just wished to bake a new goodie and I decided to bake ‘Apple Rose Tart’ and felt really happy after it came out perfect for the very first time.
       Because of the similarities in the outer colour of the apple with rose, red / deep brown apple prefer to prepare the petals of ‘Apple Rose Tart’. It is wonderful in taste and really looks like a real rose.
         The dish can be made in two ways; firstly you can make tarts by filling it with cream or juicy fillings and can arrange apple slices. But in this way it is very difficult to arrange the slices to shape them like a rose. The second way of making the dish is bit easy and one needs to roll up a strip of dough along with apple slices horizontally to shape it like a perfect rose. I follow the second one and the result came out really satisfactory and I must mention I followed ‘TipHero’. So what are you waiting for just prepare yourself and Marry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year in advance.

·        Flour -1 cup
·        Butter - 50 grams
·        Red apple -3 nos.
·        Sugar powder -2 tbsp.
·        Honey -1 tbsp. + extra for brushing
·        Water-3-4 tbsp.
·        Cinnamon powder –For sprinkling
·        Lemon juice of ½ lemon
·        Wash apples and cut it into halves. Then slice it as shown in pictures (as possible as thin slices preferable)
·        Take a flatten microwave proof plate .Place apple pieces over it.
·        Add a tbsp. of honey, 2 tbsp. of sugar, lemon juice and 3-4 water in it.
(You may use more amount of water that can cover the whole apple pieces, but in this case sugar syrup does not make the apple pieces sweetened. little uses of water makes the sugar syrup denser and makes the apple slices tasty)

·        Microwave it for 3 minutes at high power.

·        Take it out from oven and keep it aside for 1-2 minutes more. Then strain the water. Apple pieces became soft to fold easily. Put the apple pieces gently over a soft and clean kitchen towel. It will soak extra water of apple slices.
·        Now for making dough take a bowl and mix flour and butter together and then adding apple juice (previously strained) make soft dough.

·        Divide the dough into two.

·        Take one of it and flatten it with rolling pin.
·        Cut horizontally 8” strips from it.

·        Arrange apple pieces (arrange by overlapping) on it and fold it gently.

·        Put it into cupcake papers and then over cupcake moulds.

·        Brush honey over and sprinkle icing sugar and cinnamon powder.

·        Bake for 20 minutes at 180 degree c or until becomes golden.

·        It is ready to serve.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Peanut Butter Marble Cake with Chocolate Glaze

            Winter mean chilled weather, leisureness inside the blanket, hot coffee or tea and yummy snacks .Oh! There is nothing like a winter of Kolkata and the months are of full joy, celebrations, and lots of roaming around, tours and experimenting with mouth-watering varieties of yummy baked goodies. Our taste buds become crazy to grab cakes, pastries, pies, cookies and many more in this season.
          I love this season much more than anything else. Though this time winter has come very late and still we can’t feel the sweet chilledness of the weather, never mind we still ready to celebrate the season. The cake mixing is already done and just waiting for the third week of December to experiments with different Plum and Rich dry fruit cakes, today I am going to post “Peanut Butter Marble cake with Chocolate Glaze”. Use of Peanut Butter in usual Marble cake makes consistent taste of peanut all over the cake. Here I used salted butter also to make the cake bit oily. I myself realised previously that only use of Peanut Butter makes the cake bit dry which is not acceptable. So just try your hand you cake lovers and taste it once. Your feedback and suggestions always appreciated.  

·        Salted butter-150 grams
·        Peanut butter-100 grams
·        Caster sugar-180 grams
·        Egg -5 nos.
·        Vanilla extract-1 ½ tsp.
·        Flour (sifted) -230 grams
·        Baking powder -1 ½ tsp.
·        Milk- 4 tbsp.
·        Cocoa powder -1 tbsp.
·        Coffee powder -1/2 tsp.
·        Milk -2 tbsp.
·        Melted chocolate- 10-15 grams (after melting I took 3 tbsp.)

·        In a mixing bowl sift flour and baking powder together .Keep aside.
·        In another small container mix cocoa powder, coffee powder and milk and keep aside.
·        Take a big mixing bowl first place two types of butters. Beat it with medium high speed till fluffy.
·        Add sugar and beat until it becomes light and creamy.
·        Now add one egg at a time and beat well after adding all add vanilla essence. Beat in medium –high speed until fluffy .Then for another 30 sec beat it in high speed.
·        Fold flour –baking powder mixture and milk alternately into the egg mixture with spatula or any wooden spoon.
·        Equally divide this batter into two and mix previously prepared cocoa- coffee mixture well into one of these.
·        Take a 8” mould and after greasing make a butter paper base and spoon white and brown batter (due to the mixing chocolate cocoa and coffee) alternatively into the cake tin/mould. Use a butter knife gently swirl it around the mixture in the tin a few times to create a marbled effect. Tap the tin to remove any air bubble.
·        Preheat the oven at 170 deg centigrade and bake for an hour or until a skewer insert and comes out clean.
·        So the cake is ready and now we have to ready the dark chocolate glaze.

For chocolate glazing ingredients:
·        Butter – 2 tbsp.
·        Grated dark chocolate – 30 grams.
·        Almond essence – as required.
·        Gelatin – ½ tsp.
·        Almond or any other essence.
Glazing Method:
·        Heat a pan and add butter and chocolate. After butter gets melted remove from heat and add dark chocolate and mix using a spatula by stirring constantly until there is no more lumps.
·        Now add Gelatin and mix well too. So the Dark Chocolate Glaze is ready to pour over the cake. Let it cool moderately.
Final Preparation:
·        First put the freshly baked cake over a baking rack and Just pour the glaze over the cake, you will see it will automatically slides down and extra portion will drop from the rack.
·        Yes it is ready for a gig bite.

Note:  As the chocolate glaze prepares using Gelatin so pour the glazes just after you prepare it otherwise it gets thicken and it won’t slide down properly.

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