Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tilkut (Tilkatri or Sesame Seeds Bar)

           Kali Puja and Bhai Phota is finally over and we Bengali just gone through a long festive season. It is now half passed November and a nice touch of winter can be felt.  It is said that winter is the best season to enjoy in and around Kolkata. Christmas and New Year celebration is not so far and it is best time of the year to roaming around and to enjoy each and every day. So ‘Picture to abhi baki hai mere dost’ means the festival season is not over yet. Winter is the season when Holy Makar Sankranti or Pous Sankranti celebrated each year not only here in West Bengal but all over  India and  Sankranti celebration is incomplete without a holy dip into Ganga at morning or preparing Tilkut or Tilkatri.
         Though Tilkut originates from Bihar or Jharkhand but you just actually feel it is our own Bong Sweet as for us it is an integral part of this holy celebration. A no. of sweet items made out of ‘Til’ or sesame like Tilkut , tiler Naru/Ladoo , Til Takti , Til Barfi name a few. We Bengali prepared different Tilkut and Tiler Naru along with our very traditional Pitha. Til is also used in stuffing of Pirtha too. Til or Sesame used widely in sweets and other recipes because of its health benefits due to its nutritional content includes vitamins, minerals, natural oils and organic compounds which consist of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese, copper, zinc, fiber and protein.
    So presenting comparatively a very simple sweet dish Tilkut or sometimes Til Barfi.

·        Dry roasted sesame seed - 150 grams.
·        Dry roasted peanuts (crashed ) - ¼ cup
·        Jagerry ( sugarcane Jagerry) - 450 grams
·        Water -1/4 cup
·        Grated dry coconut -2 tbsp. (heaped)

·        Heat a big mouthed kadai. Add water in it.
·        When it just starts to boil, add Jagerry and mix it well.
·        When both are mixed and boiling and just stars to little sticky and thicken, then add sesame seed, dry coconut and crashed peanuts.
·        Mix and stir constantly and it ready when it just stars to stick to edge of the kadai.

·        Remove from heat and spread a greased spreader plate or thali.
·        After a minute cut in square shaped with a knife.
·        Let it be cool at room temperature.
·        Remove it from plate and store it into a container. Sweet snacks are ready to serve.

           Ready to plating........

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