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Biryani Bistro - A fine dining of the Biryani Company , Mudiali

PR Gargi 
         Before few days team Kolkata Food Bloggers were invited by “The Biryani Company” to showcase their newly opened fine dining restaurant “Biryani Bistro” and also for a lunch. I along with co-blogger Indrani was represent KFB in that occasion. Regarding the location it is situated just few steps ahead of The Mudiali Club , Tollygunj and very near to Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station. The Biryani Company was started as a take away outlet of Biryani and Mughlai food two years back but soon gained popularity due to their food quality, competitive prices and authentic tastes. The demand of a dining area was always there and this leads to open fine dining Biryani Bistro situated just beside the take-away outlet.

Dining Area
    It was just few days before Dugra Puja and the whole area was in a celebration mood surrounded by two big puja clubs. When we reached there, they welcome us very warmly, requested to have a seat and offered for soft drinks. We are very much impressed by the inside atmosphere and nice decorations with some of their personal art collections which attracted me very much. 
Some personal collections

PR Gargi and the manager Mr. Anupam Muhuri
       We were pleased with the hospitality and politeness of the stuffs. After few talks with PR Gargi and the manager Mr. Anupam Muhuri we felt comfortable by their friendly and polite nature. Sitting together they well explained about their newly launched restaurant, their intention and their dream. They said it was a dream project of the owner Mr. Saugata Banerjee and her wife Mrs. Sona Banerjee. They spent many years in abroad and different parts of India for study and professional work and always had an intention to start their own venture in food industry. After lots of experiment and market research they opened ‘The Biryani Company’ with a great vision and to keep the authenticity of the food and it was a great success.
 Whatever during those adda, photo session and introduction they asked to serve their popular menu items and we are excited to taste the authenticity.

  First they served ‘Murg Tacos’. It was hot and crunchy with inside juicy chicken filling. Chicken was shredded after boiling and then cooked with Indian spices and familiar vegetables. It was very tasty, interesting mix of Mexican and Mughlai cuisine.
Murg Tacos

          The next starter was Chicken Banno Kebab served in a white plate with nice art of salad. It was too good and chicken pieces were very soft and well cooked. Chicken pieces is specially marinated with yellow chili and coated with egg before going to tandoor.
 Chicken Banno Kebab

         Next came the very famous item Ghost Galowati Kebab with Lachcha Parantha. Paranthas were made on tawa and the mutton kebab was made by mince mutton mixing with spices and grated papaya. It was well bonded and the interesting thing was they did not use any extra binding ingredients like sattu or flour.
Ghost Galowati Kebab with Lachcha Parantha.
     After eating lots of starter my tummy almost full but the last starter yet to come and couldn’t resist the last starter for a bite. This time we can definitely say it was super healthy because Chicken Reshmi Kebab was served with lots of mixed salad. They generally prefer to serve items with sufficient salad to maintain it as a healthy.
Chicken Reshmi Kebab

     After finishing starter they nicely present their special Awadhi Moti Biryani in a Clay Pot (handi).It was made by mince mutton with best spices and it was too tasty. The mutton pieces were too soft and it can be consumed without any effort .It was really melt- in-mouth. The rice quality was also very good and not over flavoured and no additional food colour was used. They use best saffron stands to bring the colour and really we felt that it is burp-less and obviously low fat (as they use always white sunflower oil and pure ghee).

Awadhi Moti Biryani
         While we are busy with all these food stuffs the co-owner Mrs. Sona Banerjee was explaining their experiment with Biryani and how they managed to start their own. She explained their love for Biryani and how they travel across India for an authentic taste of Biryani and Mughlai. Their main target was to keep the food light and to make a Biryani for all people irrespective of health issues. I found her extremely down to earth person and found how she easily mixed up with all of us, She also shared their future plans of opening a musical corner along with the food as the owners have a soft corner for music too(which is a not to mention a unique combination of most of bong). 

(L-R) PR Gargi ,co-owner Mrs. Sona Banerjee and her Mom-in-law

    According to her version they play a bit fusion in case of Awadhi Moti Biryani. They use potato with Awadhi Moti Biryani as Kolkata people very much fond of potato. Chicken Chaap was well served with Awadhi Moti Biryani and I myself found the taste was well balanced, oil was not at all floating and it was too light. Light spiced Mutton soup was also served which was prepared using Indian spices and pepper powder. The intention of serving this is to use along with Biryani to make rice bit juicy which I found unique. Mattha or buttermilk was also served.

Awadhi Moti Biryani with Matha and Light Spice Muton Soup

        Phirni was served as a desert item and the plate was decorated with fresh cream and fresh pomegranate. A fine aroma of Govindo bhog rice and Mitha atar was coming out of the dish.

  After all these mouthwatering foods we met with the core chefs Azzizur and Chef Rafig. They explained about the spices they use and also share some tips and techniques to make a fresh ground spice which is really important to make any recipe. The approach of Biryani Bistro in choosing chefs is quite interesting as chefs are all from Lucknow and they came from a family involved in making Biryani and Mughlai by generations.The only intention to produce an authentic taste.
                 with chefs Azzizur                                  chefs Azzizur and Chef Rafig

 Thanks a lot Team Biryani Bistro for a nice lunch and special thanks to the co-owner Mrs. Sona Banerjee ,PR Gargi Ghosh Neogi and Manager Mr. Anupam Muhuri for spending their valuable time with us and explaining so much thing with us. We were pleased by them and recommends visiting the place.

(L-R) Indrani co-owner Mrs. Sona Banerjee

So don't miss the authentic flavour at a very reasonable price. You can order over phone and call at 833 503 5757 for a free home delivery. Reach them at 9830402345 for any query and booking.

Biryani Bistro
24 S.R Das Road, Mudiali(near Mudiali Club)
Kolkata - 26

Attached the menu pic for your reference.

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