Friday, 4 September 2015

Bengali Taler Fuluri /Bora ( Sugar Palm Fried Fritters)

      Again the festival season is on its way to begin and Janmastami is first in the list. Janmashtami, the birthday celebration festival of Lord Krishna. Janmashtami is celebrated in almost every Hindu family in India with great passion and honour. One can find ISCON temple of Krishna in each and every part of the world celebrates the festival with full devotion. Home devotees observes the birth day of Lord Krishna in its own way by worshiping Lord Gopal and prepare different sweet dishes for Gopal. Bengali celebrates the day by preparing different sweet dishes like 'Malpua', 'Tal er Bora', 'Tal er Kheer' etc.

            If we talk about preparation made out of Tal(Palm) ,Taler Bora is comes first in the list which is one of the famous Bengali homemade sweet dishes. The 'Tal or Asian Palm' fruit is available in the monsoon seasons only;so in Bengali homes Taler Bora  is prepared on Janmashtami day and offered to Lord Krishna as bhog (offering made to the God), Once you make it successfully you can't stop, you will get addicted to this fritters. So what are you all waiting for give it a try...relish and enjoy the happiness of our beloved Lord Krishna’s Birthday

·                    Palm -1 medium sized
·                    Grated coconut – I small sized
·                    Rice powder-2 tbsp.
·                    Semolina -2 tbsp.
·                    Flour – 1 tbsp.
·                    Sugar -4 tbsp/ as sweetness you like
·                    Cashew nuts (chopped)-1 handful
·                    Raisins (chopped) - 1 ½ tbsp.
·                    White oil-for deep frying

·        Take a medium size Palm /(Tal in Bengali) .Generally there are three kernels in a medium size palm/Tal. But sometimes there may be four kennels/seed inside it.
·        First remove the top portion of the palm fruit. Then tear out the black skin of it. After that the three seeds or kernels will be visible.
·        Now first take one of those seeds, sprinkle water in it and squeeze puree from it.
(Generally a special type of tool is used to do it, but if you don’t have use big hole grater or upside down wooden basket. Follow the same way for rest another two seeds)
·        With a muslin cloth strain the puree again, because it helps to remove the bitterness from the puree.(Actually after squeezing there exits small natural threads of Palm, which is the main cause of bitterness)

·        Now heat a kadai. Pour palm puree into it. Let it boil for 15 minutes with frequently stirring.
·        It will be thicken (the thicken consistency will be just like condense milk), remove from heat and cool it completely at room temperature.
·        Now in a mixing bowl take 1 and ½ cup of puree and add all other mentioned ingredients one by one and mix it.
 (If you add all ingredients at a same time, it may not be mixed well and after adding sugar if you keep the batter for long time, the batter will be then too soft and you may have to mix more binding ingredients. To get more crunchiness just before frying you can sprinkle sugar in it and fry. As a result sugar will not be melt totally and serve a unique taste and crunchiness.)
·        Now dip your Palm(hand) into water and take small amount of batter in your Palm(hand), drop it into hot oil. Then do the flame low and fry it in medium hot oil.
·        Finally it is ready for a bite.

·        You can also use the same batter and use extra Maida to make a Dough and you can fry out Palm Puri or even can make simple Palm Chapati out of this….

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