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Mutton Cheesy Khichuri / Khichdi

     In Bengali , Khichuri ( Khichdi) is a rich gourmet delicacy often takes with Begun bhaja(Fried Brinjal), Aloo bhaja(Fried Potato) and Papad. A little bit sprinkling of ghee (butter) makes the taste out of the world .The aroma comes out of this combination can’t be described in words. This popular recipe commonly cooked in the rainy season and  must mention the unique combination with bhaja Ilish(fried Hilsa Fish) makes Bengali just mad. The vegetarian version of Khichuri also considered as a Prasad in any holy ceremony across India. Bengalis never forgot to prepare the recipe in the occasion of Saraswati Puja and Durga Puja(Saptami Special , the seventh day of Navaratri).
         There is a plenty of different versions of the recipe and people continuously explore new things. This time I made a Khichui with the combination of Mutton Keema and Cheese. The addition of Cheese, I found makes it bit International and it becomes pure fusion food.

              I am also very happy this time to share the fact that this unique Khichuri recipe got a place in the Bengali Food magazine “Hangla Hesel” in their 34th edition along with infinite no. of mind blowing other recipes.   


·        Mutton keema / Qeema /Minced-150 grams.
·        Mung/Moong dal-1/2 cup
·        Rice(I used Govindo bhog rice)-1/2 cup
·        Fried onions (cut onion in slices and fry)-1 big sized
        (Fried onion in ghee brings a nice aroma)
·        Grated garlic and ginger-1 tbsp.
·        Chopped beans-1/4 cup
·        Pumpkin (cut into small cubes)-1/2 cup
·        Small pieces cauliflower florets-1/2 cup
          (Lightly fry in white oil)
·        Chopped tomato-1 medium
·        Green chili slices-2 no
·        Whole spices required:
·        Whole cardamom (2-3 nos.),
·        Cinnamon stick(1 inch),
·        Clove (2-3 nos.),
·        Bay leaves-2 nos.,
·        Whole red dry chili-2 nos.
·        Turmeric powder-1/2 tsp.
·        Red chili powder- ¼ tsp.
·        Salt –To taste
·        Sugar-1 tsp.
·        Lemon juice-1 no
·        Grated cheese(can be used any type of cheese)-1 handful or less if you want
·        White oil-3 tsp.


·        Wash and clean mutton keema .Then boil it with 2-3 clove crush garlic,1 small onion and         2-3 cups of water.
·        When done separate boiled keema and mutton stock.
·        Save the mutton stock. It will be required in making khichdi.
·        Mix rice and lengthy in a mixing bowl. Wash it and sock in water for ½ an hour. It helps        to cook it quickly.
·        Take a kadai. Heat oil in it. When oil is hot, add whole spices.

·        When a nice smell is coming, add ginger and garlic. Mix for 2 minutes. Fry lightly.
·        Now add all vegetables (beans, pumpkin, tomatoes) , turmeric powder, red chili powder          salt and cook until it become soft and mixed well.

·        Next add boiled keema and cook until the oil comes on top.

·        Add soaked rice and lentil in it and mix well.

·        Pour mutton stock in it. If require can add water also. Add sugar and green chilies in it. If      you realize more salt is needed add now also.

·        When water is boiling simmering gas and covering with lid let it boil for 20 minutes.

·        When done mix add fried cauliflower and sprinkle fried onion over it.Cheese has to be      added finally over that. 

·         Give the standing time. Finally your Mutton Cheesy Khichuri is ready to serve.

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