Thursday, 6 August 2015

Kumro Ilish (Hilsa with Pumpkin)

    Hilsa (Ilis in Bengali) is one of the most famous and bit costly fish. But Bengalis never mind to purchase and always ready to make extra hole in the pocket only because of the taste of the fish. You can’t find a single Bengali who at least one time not purchases this fish in this season (monsoon).
    Bengalis make lots of recipes, lots of experiments with it for years. Now a days all recipes are gladly accepted by all people in from different states and districts. In Eastern part of India each district has some special version of Hilsa.
   In modern days food lovers always try to make a new version and always want to make something new out of this only because of its unique taste. One can experience its softness and can see how much oil it releases at the time of frying (macher tele mach bhaja J).
  Here I made a simple lite curry of Hilsa with umpkin.

·        Hilsa fish-8 no
·        Pumpkin cut into cube- small one cup
·        Green chili slices-3-4 no
·        Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp.
·        Salt to taste
·        Mustard oil- 3-4 tbsp.
·        Punch photon (The whole mixed spice of fenugreek seed, black cumin, mustard seed, fennel seed and cumin seed)

·        Take a kadai with mustard oil.
·        Clean fish pieces, spread turmeric powder and salt over it and mix it.

·         When oil is hot, fry in hot oil.
 (To fry the specially hilsa fish I don’t use any lid. Because it is a very soft fish and it takes very less time to fry)
·        Remove fried fishes from heat and put punch photon into the remaining oil. Stir for 3 seconds.
·        Lightly fry pumpkin pieces in this same oil and remove from heat.
(If you fry pumpkin with the punch photon, it may burn .Because when you are frying pumpkin; punch photon will be over fried and will lose its nice aroma.)

·        When aroma starts to come add fried pumpkin pieces and two green chili slices. Mix nicely.
·        Next add turmeric powder and salt, mix it and at that time add water as you require amount of jhol or around one cup.
·        When water is boiling add fried fish pieces, rest of green chilies and reduce flame in low. Cover with a lid.
·        Let it cook for 15 minutes.
·        It is ready to serve. Serve hot with steam rice..

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