Sunday, 2 August 2015

Baked Vermicelli Payesh

                       Payesh is a very well-known sweet dish/recipe and it is used by every Bengali as sweet dish at lunch or dinner or any occasion. We saw from our childhood, our Maa-Kakima used to prepare Payesh at the time of any get together or simply in holiday Bhuribhoj (eating full stomach in Bengali). Maa used to prepare Payesh using “Gobindo Bhog” rice and milk etc. in the occasion of Birthday. This one is the symbol of good wishes. Also Payesh prepared at the time of any festival as a Prasad.
              I am not the exception and I also going in the path of our elders and used to prepare Payesh in many occasion. Last time I thought of making something different and just made a fusion recipe of Payesh. I just baked Vermicelli Payesh in the Oven and the result came out really good, the extra addition of Mewa made it a perfect sweet dish.
             I wish you to prepare this simple recipe yourself; you will find this one worthy. Thanks a lot.        

·        Vermicelli-1/4 cup
·        Cow milk-1/2 ltr.
·        Sugar-1/4 cup
·        Condense milk-1/4 cup
·        Salt-1 pinch
·        Cardamom powder (I used homemade)-1/4 tsp.
·        Bay leaves -2 no
·        Chopped cashewnuts-2 tbsp.
·        Chopped raisins-1 tbsp.
·        Mewa-2 tsp.(optional)
·        Kesar stands-3-4 no and for garnishing
·        Ghee-1 tbsp.

·        Take a big mouthed heavy bottom pan. Place milk in it and let it to be boiled.
·        In the meantime in another burner heat a pan. Add ghee in it. When it is becoming little hot, add vermicelli and cashew nuts .fry it by constant stirring till it became light brown.
              (Constant stirring is necessary, otherwise it will burn)
·        Remove from heat and keep aside.

·        Up to now milk is boiling, add sugar and condense milk in it. Mix it well.
·        After 2-3 minutes add fried vermicelli- cashew nuts mixture, other rest ingredients and 1 tbsp. of Mewa in it.
·        Let it boil and frequently stir it.
·        After 5-6 minutes the milk mixture will be thicken.
·        Then remove from heat, take off the bay leaves and pour it in a convection proved container. Spread rest grater Mewa over it. 
·        Pre-heat oven at 180 degree C and baked it for 25 minutes or till it became golden brown.

·        Let it cool.
         ·      Now you can cut the prepared baked payes in your own way, May be it in the   form of barfi or simply rectangular in shape, I used a rectangular cutter to give it a shape.

         ·     It is ready to serve and can serve in small party and can enjoy a sweet fusion recipe.

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