Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Bengali Traditional Nimki (Kamranga Nimki)

           It was raining heavily outside for obvious reason as it is the monsoon and the low pressure at the same time.I was quite ok as the school of my little also declared it as the rainy day. The day was perfect for just enjoying the rain and having some crunchy snacks and fried foods along with hot rather too hot milk masala tea. I just decided to make some nimkis to make my hubby surprise .I made her more surprised by preparing Kamranga Nimki.Which is very easy and quick Bengali snacks recipe.
       This particular nimki I got from my mother in law who used to prepare the same whenever there was some guest in the family and also in in occasion of Rath and Bijoya. 
          Can't resist to share this one with you  and also is the perfect to showcase in our ongoing Monsoon food celebration with Kolkata Food Bloggers (KFB).
    I also shared this one with the e-magazine “Jhaalmuri” in our monsoon edition “Barsha”.
Hope you like this one and make a try….    


·        Maida – 1 cup.
·        Sooji / Semolina – 3 tbsp.
·        White Oil (for dough) - 3 tsp.
·        White Oil (for deep fry) – as req.
·        Salt – for taste.
·        Black cumin seed – little bit


·        Take Maida, suji, black cumin seed and oil in a bowl and mix well together.
·        Prepare the dough by taking water gradually and kneading continuously. This will make the dough perfect oily and moist for Nimkis. Note the dough should not be too soft or too hard. This is the most important step to prepare crunchy nimkis.

·    Next cut out small portions from the prepare dough just like in case to make Poori/ Bengali Luchi.

Tips: You can test yourself in between for the perfectness of the dough by taking mixture squeezing in hands and test if retains the shape(as shown in fig), If it retains the shape then no need to add oil or water further and continue kneading to make final dough .

·        Now flatten each one not just round in shape but a bit long oval in shape.
·        Take a knife and just cut parallel in between .Just be sure I,t is not cut out up to the opposite edges.

·        Now fold each one by taking the edges together in each side and just twist a bit to give a shape like star fruit/ Kamranga.

·        Finally deep fry each one up to it becomes golden brown.
·        Yes it is ready and can enjoy after cool it down. You can keep it for days in an air tight container.
·        So enjoy the rainy monsoon with a cup of hot milk tea with nimkis.

This post specially posted to celebrate the Monsoon with Snacks and fried food with  Kolkata Food Bloggers (KFB)

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