Saturday, 6 June 2015

Dried Bel(Bael) Sharbat

           Sun rays are too hot and it’s no more tolerable, but we are somehow managing and trying to save ourselves from this scorching heat. Each one of us eagerly waiting and praying for a heavy shower but 'God of rain" is not listening. Sometimes small flying pieces of clouds give us hope for rain but huh! So to beat the heat let us challenge the hot Sun and make “Dried Bel (Bael) Sharbat”.

         I must share that the original idea came from our KFB co-blogger Debopriya Biswas , the credit must go to her. As we all heard about plain and simple Bel Sharbat made from raw bel but Sharbat made from Dried Bel surprised me and I decided to try once. Later I heard about the availability of dried bel in South India. I highly recommend this Summer Cooler and want you to please try it at home and you will get a whole new experience of cool taste. 

For dried Bel/Bael syrup:
·        Dried Bel / Bael (big size) -1 no.
·        Sugar -1/2 cup.
·        Water- 3 cup
·        Lemon juice- 1 no.

·        After washing break the bel into 2 to 3 parts and dry it for 2 -3 days by covering heat to prevent deposit of dust or bug
·        After that take dried bel and peel its hard cell and then soak it into 3 cups of water for overnight. I kept it in to refrigerator.

·        Next day boil it with that soaked fruits for 15-20 minutes.

·        Water will be reduced and it will be dark red in colour.

·        Strain it and boil that strained water again with sugar and lemon juice.

·        Boil for 10-12 minutes more. A nice aroma will come and syrup will gets little thicken.

·        Remove from heat, cool and store it in a tight container.

·        So it is ready to make a super cooler “dried bel Sharbat”.

Tip: You can use it for2-3 week by keeping it into refrigerator.

For making Sharbat:
·        Required chilled water.
(For a standard glass I used ½ a glass of dried bel syrup and less than ½ a glass of water and 2-3 ice cubes.)
·        Black salt-1 pinch
·        Dried bel syrup-1/2 glass
·        Lemon juice - 1/4 tsp.
·        Ice-cube- 2-3 nos.
·        Sugar (optional)- use as your taste

·        Take a glass. Put ice cubes into it.
·        Add lemon juice and salt in it .If you want then add ¼ tsp. of sugar also.

·        Pour dried bel syrup and water. Mix well and serve chill.
·        For extra nice and refreshing aroma you can use fresh basil leaves.

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