Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Coffee Cake with Chocolate Ring

           Frankly speaking it is now a habit of making a cake out of nothing and always try to make and post different varieties of cake recipes but as usual I am always late in posting a recipe and there is a long queue of recipes to be posted.
       Never mind this time it was the occasion of making a wonderful cake of my sister’s choice and her choice always goes toward chocolate and coffee one .So I decided to make a coffee cake with black currant with chocolate ring. I was very happy to make the ring almost perfect and the taste and overall look came out just good. My sister “Bobo” was also very happy with her custom cake made on her. So presenting "Coffee Cake with Chocolate Ring" for all who love Coffee Cake.The use of with black currant also fits quite well.Try it yourself and enjoy...


·        Flour -2 cups
·        Butter - 175 grams or 3/4 cup
·        Golden sugar - 175 grams or 1 cup
·        Baking powder - 1 tsp.
·        Eggs-3 no
·        Vanilla essence-1 tsp.
·        Brewed coffee  powder-7.5 grams(3  sachet packs)
·        Hot water-3 tbsp.
·        Black currant-1/2 cup
·        Butter milk-1/2 cup

·        Preheat oven at 180 degree C.
·        Mix hot water and coffee powder in a small container.
·        Shift together flour and baking powder and keep aside.
·        Take Cream butter and sugar in a mixing bowl and mix it until it becomes fluffy.

·        Add eggs one by one in it and beat.

·        Then add bit vanilla essence and mix again.
·        Fold flour mixture into it and simultaneously pour butter milk and coffee mixture alternatively in it.

·        When done add black currant in it and fold one more with spatula.

·        Pour batter in an 8 inched greased prepared tin and bake for an hour or until firm to the touch.
·        Cool and de-mould.

·        I cut the upper portion with knife for looking good, but this step is optional.

For chocolate decoration:
·        Melted dark chocolate- 100 grams or as you require according to your cake to cover
·        Butter paper-as require
·        Whipped cream - 1 cup.

·        Melt chocolate in medium high power and put it in a piping bag or butter paper cone.
·        Place the butter paper on a horizontal leveled surface.
·        Then Pour melted chocolate over butter paper and leveled equally.
·        Leave it for 3-4 minutes to cool.
·        While it is drying, use whipped cream on the side wall of the cake to stick the chocolate ring.
·        Stick the butter paper at the edge of the cake and press lightly and very carefully.

·        Keep it in this position into refrigerator for 2 minutes and wax the butter paper.

·         Garnish the prepared Chocolate Ring Coffee Cake with cherry and chocolate leaf or as you wish.
·         Finally it is ready for a biggggggg bite..

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