Tuesday, 26 May 2015

White Chocolate Brownies

                      Is this necessary to have any particular occasion or season to make brownie? No-it is not at all! I also agree with you. A small bite of brownie is like a piece of heaven for all chocolate lovers. But the challenge is that you can’t make it perfect at your first attempt without trial and error, the fun is a little practice makes you happy to do it perfect. In my previous post of making Chocolate Brownie ,I was stick to the actual recipe. This time I just experiment a bit and came out a think just perfect over brownie. It is “White Chocolate Brownie with dark Chocolate chips”  
             The main ingredients of brownie are chocolate, flour, sugar and eggs. Varying measurement of these ingredients will affect the texture of this productive Brownies. For a chewy, fudgy brownie a huge amount of chocolate is required. As you reducing the amount of chocolate, it will form a caky brownie. That’s sounds too good as you can make happy both cake and chocolate lover at once.
Here I’m presenting this caky brownie where I used 175 grams of white chocolate and 100 grams Dark Choco chips. You can increase the amount of Choco chips to 175 grams for more fogginess. So, try out my caky brownie and let me know your feedback.

·        Plain flour- 150 grams.
·        Baking powder- 1/2 tsp.
·        White chocolate - 175 grams.
·        Caster sugar- 90 grams.
·        Butter (in room temperature)-115 grams.
·        Eggs- 3 nos.
·        Chocolate chips- 100 grams.

For the topping:
·        Melted white chocolate-100 grams
·        Cherries-as require
·        Almond chopped and walnut chopped-as you wish
·        Glutton-for sprinkling

·        Preheat oven to 190 degree C and ready your mould with parchment paper.
·        Sift flour and Baking powder together. Keep aside.
·        In a medium pan over a medium heat melt white chocolate, sugar powder and butter until smooth, tiring frequently.
·        Remove from heat, pour it in mixing bowl and cool slightly.

·        Then beat eggs one by one in it. Next add vanilla essence, chocolate chips and beat well.

·        Fold flour mixture in it and the batter is ready to go to oven.
·        Pour it in prepared mould and bake it for 40 minutes or until a toothpick insert into it and comes out clean.

·        Pull out from oven, cool it and then de-mould it.
·        Spread white chocolate over the cake and then lightly press cherries over it.

·        Garnish with chopped nuts and glutton as you want.
·        Then chill the cake for 15 minutes.(I did it to dry the spread white chocolate quick, because India’s summer weather  is too hot.)
·        The White Chocolate Brownie is ready for a big bite..

and again....

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