Friday, 15 May 2015

Futi / Footi / Snap Melon Salad with Milky Falooda Sauce

      Today I 'm going to post the summer salad which is perfect for these terrible hot days. Here I used two main summer fruits mango and snap melon / Futi, but you can use any other fruits of your choice.
     Milk and vanilla ice-cream are a well combination with mango and snap melon. So I used a milky sauce for this, which is also my first experiment to work with falooda noodles. Naturally I was little worried about whether I can do or not initially. But at the end I felt so much happy with its perfect taste and the texture and the final plating. Hope you all like it.

Ingredients (For fruit salad):
·        Futi / Footi / Snap Melon (Chopped into cubes) - 1 small.
·        Ripe mangoes (Chopped into cubes) - 2 nos.
·        Sugar - 2 tsp.
·        Black salt 1 pinch
·        Chopped fresh mint leaves- 1 tsp.

·        In a mixing bowl take all above ingredients one by one and mix it well.
·        Keep this fruits mixture in refrigerator for ½ an hour. I did it because sugar will be melted and absorbed into fruits (can adjust sugar level as your taste).

Ingredients (For Falooda sauce):
·        Falooda noodles (Boiled) - 3/4 cup.
·        Milk -1 ½ cup.
·        Condensed milk - 8 tbsp.
·        Cinnamon powder - 1 pinch
·        Cardamom powder - 1 pinch
·        Coffee powder- 1/4 tsp.
·        In a medium pan boil milk first over medium heat.
·        Then add condensed milk, cardamom and cinnamon powder.
·        Mix it well and boil for another 5 minutes.

·        Remove from heat and add Falooda noodles into it.

·        Finally Sprinkle coffee powder over it and leave it for cool.

Assembling or Plating Method:
I did my plating in two ways.
1)     Take a mousse glass .First pour Falooda sauce and arrange chopped fruits over it.
Than garnish with Choco chips and mint leaves.
Finally pour little bit of milk from prepared Falooda sauce.

        2) Take a flat bowl dish. Put Falooda sauce in it. Then arrange fruits.
            and garnish like the same way as I mentioned above.

 This recipe is specially posted for the ongoing KFB Event "Summer Splash:Salad"

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