Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Rabri --Bengali Version

            Today I am posting a very well-known desert recipe Rabri .I made this especially for Bengali New Year for the ongoing KFB event “Poila Boisakh Special week”. When it comes to celebrate a festival there comes deserts and we Bengalis popularly called as “Naba Barse Misthi Mukh” means starting the year with sweets makes the whole year remains sweet.It is equally popular dish along with  Malpoa, Payesh, Rasogolla ,Coconut Barfi , Rosomalai ,Mewa Barfi , Kheer etc. This easy and tasty desert is made using milk and a very few ingredients.In addition, I used condensed milk to make it tastier though it is optional. Basically it is thickened milk having layers of cream in it. Preparing rabri is easy but you have to give it attention. There is no short cut method to this traditional recipe, remember not to get absent minded while making rabri because a slide burn of milk will make its taste worse. So keep on your eyes while preparing and enjoy the desert with your family...  


·        Milk-1 ltr.
·        Condensed milk-3 tbsp.
·        Sugar-heaped - 2 tbsp.
·        Cardamom powder 2 no
·        Almond chopped-for garnishing

·        Saffron - for garnishing.

·        Heat a kadai or broad mouthed pan. Pour milk for boiling.

·        Milk starts to boil, low down the heat and let it be boiled. Don’t stir it.

·        When cream of milk is appeared on top of the milk, just gently shift it towards the rim by a spoon.
·        Let the milk for boil and do the same process when next cream of milk will appear on top.

·        When milk is become thick and become almost half or bit more, add condensed milk and sugar. Mix it well.
·        Boil further for 1 minute and finally remove from heat.
·        Put it in a serving plate and it is almost ready just need to do some garnishing.

·        Garnish with some chopped almond or bit chopped pista.
·        Cool it down and the easy and delicious “Rabri” is ready to serve.

  Made this especially for Bengali New Year for the ongoing KFB event “Poila Boisakh Special week

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