Saturday, 25 April 2015

Baked Cheese Cup Cake with Starwberry Sauce

For strawberry sauce:
·        Fresh strawberry-8 -10 no.
·        Salt-1 pinch
·        Red fresh chili-1 no.
·        Sugar- 1/2 cup
·        Water-2 tbsp.
·        Lemon juice-1 tsp.

For cake batter:
·        Cream cheese-165 grams
·        Whipped cream-50 grams
·        Egg( separate egg white and yolk)-2 no
·        Vanilla essence-1 tsp.
·        Sugar powder-25 grams

For base:
·        Oreo biscuit dust - 5 nos.
·        Melted butter -20 grams.

for making sauce:
·        Blend fresh strawberry and make a fine paste.

·        Take a Preheat pan; add sugar and water in it, when sugar melts add fresh strawberry paste and let it boil for 4-5 mins.

·        Now add chopped fresh chili and pinch of salt and let it boil for another 5-6 the mean time add lemon juice and mix well.
·        After it thickens remove from heat and keep aside.

for cake batter.
·        Beat egg white until it becomes stiff peaks. Keep aside.

·        In a mixing bowl first take ready made/ homemade cream cheese and sugar together, beat until it becomes fluffy, then add egg yolks one by one and vanilla essence beat well.

·        Then add flour mixture, whipped cream (beated) and beat altogether.
·        Finally add egg whites and beat well.
·        Finally add egg whites and vanilla essence and beat well.

·        So the cake batter is ready.

for base.
·        Mix melted butter and Oreo dust. Keep aside.

for cupcakes.
·        Take cupcake mould and line in with cupcake papers,
·        Now make thin base using Oreo-butter mix (use your fingers to make the base stable) and pour cup cake batter over each one by one.
·        Finally pour one tea spoon of strawberry sauce over each cup cake batter.
·        Using a spoon make a semi-marble effect of the cake.

·        Preheat the oven at160 deg c .now take a round shaped container with half full of water; keep it inside the preheated oven.
·        Now position the lower rack over the container and place unbaked cupcakes one by one.(picture showing)
·        Bake it for around 45 mins, tooth pick test is recommended in between.

·         Remove freshly baked cupcakes and cool it down and is ready to make your day good.


  1. Can we substitute strawberry to blackcurrant or blueberry crush

    1. Yes Divya you can always do, to the best of knowledge making sauce out of these gives better result than using them as toppings. thank you