Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Dry Fruit Custard

         Holi is a festival of joy, colours  and fun. Kids always wait for this festival. As I remember my childhood I find , I enjoyed the festival very much. As I grown up in a joint family, I am lucky enough to get a no. of companions. We all kids headed by my grandfather who also used to play Holi to the extreme. My grandfather always plays a vital role in any occasion for arranging each and every thing. In the occasion of Holi ,we gave him our wish list and he like a magician arrange all things. On that day at around 10 o'clock he used to call us, and handover our 'Pichkari' , Colour , Balloons and Abir. We all together used to prepare colour in to a big mouthed bowl or bucket and there was no looking back ,each one of us spread colours on one another , oh! That was real fun. After playing “Holi” everyone became like a colored joker. The sweet memory still gives me the pleasure.
           Now I 'm a home mom , home maker and also trying to be a good home chef in my small kitchen and feels satisfaction for sharing all experiments and experience with you all .yours comment and inspiration help me in my work .today I'm sharing a Custard recipe with you as  Holi special. Finally wish you a happy holly to all.

·        Cow milk -1/2 Lt.
·        Condensed milk-2 tbsp.
·        Sugar -2 tbsp.
·        Dry fruits ( chopped cashew nuts, walnuts, raisins, almond)-1/2 cup
·        Green cardamom powder-1 pinch
·        Custard powder-2 tsp.
·        Milk in room temperature-1/2 cup
·        Cherries, pomegranate and sugar syrup-for garnishing

·        Mix custard powder into 1/2 cup of milk and mix it well. Keep aside.
·        Take heavy bottom pan .pour milk into it.
·        Heat it and let it to boil.
·        When it is boiling, add sugar and condense milk.
·        Mix and boil for more 5-6 minutes.
·        Next add all chopped dry fruits and cardamom powder. Mix it; let it boil for 2-3 minutes more.

·        Pour custard powder mix in it and stir constantly with spatula or wooden spoon to avoid lump. It will start to be thicker.

·        Remove from heat and place it into serving plate or any serving utensil.

·        Garnish with fruits and sugar syrup. Place it into refrigerator.
·        Serve cool.

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