Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Tossed Puli Pithe/Puli Pitha(Sidha/Sedha/Vapa Pithe)

Recipe Serving         :    4 - 5 (comes out 25 Pithe)
Recipe Cook Time   :    120 Minutes (aprox.)

Ingredients For making dough:
·        Rice powder-250 grams.
·        Hot water-as require making soft dough (I had used 1 cup.)
·        Salt-1 pinch

Method(making dough):
·        In a container put rice powder and salt. Mix it well. Add hot water slowly and make soft dough.
·        Cover it with a damp cloth.

Coconut filling ingredients:
·        Grated coconut-2 no.
·        Nolen gur(jaggery)-1 cup.
·        Green cardamoms crashed-2 no.

Method(Coconut filling):

In a Kadai on medium heat add coconut and jaggery. Stir constantly. When the mixture is sticking at the edge of the Kadai, it is done. Remove from heat and keep aside.

Process of making Bengali pitha/pithe:
·        Make small balls from the prepared dough
·        Take one by one and flatten using your plam , then with your thumb and fingers make shapes like bowl or small container.
·        Stuff coconut filling in it and close its edges and make a shape like puli-pitha as shown in picture.

·        Steam it for 15- 20 minutes. (I used momo steamer).

·        Remove from heat and cool it down in normal room temperature.

Traditional Puli Pithe is ready for a big bite.

Ingredients For tossing :
·        Mustard oil-2 tsp.
·        Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp.
·        Whole dry red chili-3-4 no.
·        Salt-1 pinch

Tossing method:
·        In a pan add oil and heat it.
·        Next add cumin seed and red chili.
·        When spluttering, add prepared pithe and salt.
·        Mix well and toss it on medium heat for 5-6 minutes.
·        The colour of pithe will be light brown.
·        Remove from heat and serve with liquid jaggery (in Bengali jhola gur).

The recipe specially made for the ongoing KFB Event "Poush Sankranti Special 2015"

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