Friday, 9 January 2015

Suji Semai Payesh(Semolina Semaiya Kheer)

Recipe Cook Time   :    30 min. (approx.)
·        Cow Milk- ½ lt.
·        Semolina- 1 handful
·        Vermicelli-1 handful.
·        Crashed cardamoms- 2 nos.
·        Bay leaf-1 no
·        Palm jaggery ( Nolen gur in Bengali)-1 small cup
·        Chopped cashew nuts-5-6.
·        peanuts- 8-10 nos.
·        Raisins- 6-7 nos.
·        Salt-1 pinch
·        Ghee-1 tsp.

·        Let’s boil the milk first.

·        In the meantime on another gas burner take a pan on medium heat.
·        Put ghee. When hot, add all type of nuts. Fry lightly.

·        When its colour is just becoming light brown, add vermicelli and after one minute add semolina in it.
·        Fry it for just 2 minutes.

·        Remove from heat.
·        When milk is boiled, add jaggery and mix it well. Keep the heat low.
·        Add cardamom, bay leaf and raisins. Let the milk mix to boil in low flame.
·        Next add previously prepared fried semolina, vermicelli mixture into milk mix.
·        When it is become thick, put off the flame.
·        That’s it …Serve cool or hot as you like.( I like cool)

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