Friday, 30 January 2015

Fish Cake and Chili Fish(using fish cake)

         I remembered the day-we (Kamalika,Sayantani and me) were sitting and enjoying cheese cake, then a young girl with casual dressed( jeans,kurti and side bag entered)was approaching us with waving her hands with saying 'hi friends’ I 'm late'. Yes she was Anwesha the very first time I met her at South City and we did lunch together at Main Land China. Our 2nd meeting was at our KFB potluck party and recently at our KFB Bake Sale. I was just impressed by her personality and body language. She is a Smart, sober, determined and multitasking and at the same time she is a scholar, a traveler, a foodie and last but not the least a Travel & Food blogger. Yes Anwesha Bhattacharya is the star of the week from “Peanuts on the Road – a travel and Food Blog”.
           Two of her recipes which I really liked and also tasted at our Potluck Party were “chicken hawaiian salad” and “Fish Cake”. I made the chicken hawaiian salad on my daughter’s Birthday party and it was came out amazing, all praised the taste and it was just vanished at once you can say.. :), But I am sharing and recreating another amazing dish “Fish Cake ” from her blog and also extend the dish to Chili Fish(using Fish Cake Leftover).

Fish Cake


·        Rohu fish - 6 pieces(medium)
·        Flour-200 grams
·        Butter 150 grams.(melted or room temperature)
·        Egg-3 nos.
·        Milk-1/2 cup.
·        Garlic crashed-2/3 clove
·        Onion finely chopped-1 medium
·        Ginger(cut into Julian)-1” piece
·        Green chili chopped-2-3 nos.
·        Dry basil-1/2 tsp.
·        Dry oregano-1/2 tsp.
·        Paprika powder-1/2 tsp.
·        Salt-1/2 tsp.
·        Baking powder-1/2 tsp.
·        Grated cheese-1 cup.
·        Fresh coriander leaves-as required(only for garnish)

Ingredients for Chili Fish(using fish cake)

·        Fish Cake Pieces(medium) – 10 pcs.
·        Onion (cut into square) – 1 nos.
·        Capsicum (medium, cut into square) – ½ no.
·        Garlic (chopped) – 2 /3 cloves.
·        Green Chili (cut into half) – 2 nos.
·        White Oil – 2 tbsp.
·        Tomato sauce – 1 tbsp.
·        Soya Sauce – 1 tsp.
·       Vinegar – 1 tsp.
          ·     Salt – to taste.

Method(Fish Cake):
·        Boil fish pieces with garlic, pinch of salt and 2/3 cups of water for 15 mints.

·        Strain the water and de-bone fish pieces. No need to have mashed. Because it will be already mashed when you will beat it.

·        Now in a bowl mix flour, baking powder, salt, oregano, basil and paprika powder well. Keep aside.
·        In another mixing big bowl beat eggs .Then adds onion, ginger, green chili and butter and beat well.
·        Add boiled fish with egg mix batter.
·        Finally fold flour mixture with it and at the same time add milk slowly.  
·        Batter is ready and Pour the batter in greased mould, Spread grated cheese over it and place coriander leaves over it.
·        Pre heat the oven at 200 degree c. Bake for 30 minutes or until it became in looking golden brown.
·        Serve hot .believe me it is a wonderful snack with Green tea.

Chili Fish:
·        Take some left over fish cake and cut them into medium pieces say about 10 pieces.

·        Take a bowl and toss the pieces using white oil. Keep aside.

·        Use the remaining oil and take onion, capsicums, garlic and green chili, stir and cook for a min.

·        Add all sauces mentioned and mix them well in a separate container.

·        Pour the mixture over fried onion-Capsi- Garlic and also tossed fish cake pieces.

·        Cook for 1 to 2 mins. then remove from heat
·        It is ready to serve with any Indian bread.

          ·        Believe me the taste came out unique and fantastic. 

                   This post is explicitly for the ongoing event "Know Your Blogger -2" for Kolkata Food Bloggers

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bengali Labra Recipe

               Saraswati Pujo means full of childhood memories and we feel really nostalgic, the way we girls dressed up in Sarees  and used to roaming around after completing puja. The most memorable thing which we all Bengalis experienced, the first infatuation , the first crush all are really relates our Saraswati Puja . People now a day compares this with Valentine’s Day .Really it is indeed Bengali Valentine’s day. Bhuri bhoj with Khichuri,Labra, chatni and papad is the other thing which we really loved and still loving it. Labra is the thing which originates from opar banga and now it is one of the most demanding and must recipe at the time of pujar bhog. Khichuri or Khicri  is an important part of the day for  Bengalis and labra is the perfect combination .The Kuler Chatni and Papad is the thing which completes the menu along with sweet dish like Rasgulla or Rosogolla in Bengali
          Though I made Labra previously but I always like the perfect taste which becomes perfect after some suggestions from my friend, I learned Labra incompletes without Mulo (Radish) and Kumro (Pumpkin), Kumro for mild sweetness and Mulo/Muli for a typical Bengali taste of Labra.
    So, here is my version of Labra…

·        Potato (cut into cubes) – 1 no.
·        Coli flower – ¼ (medium size)
·        Long beans (cut it into 1’’ long) – 50 grams.
·        Sweet Potato (cut into 1’’ long) – 1 medium.
·        Peas – ½ cup.
·        Pumpkin – 50 grams cut into cubes.
·        Radish – 1 small (cut into 1’’ long).
·        Lima Beans – 10 nos.(Cut horizontally into half ).
·        Egg Plant – 1 small (cut into 1’’ long).
·        Ginger paste – 1 ½ tsp.
·        Coriander powder – ½ tsp. (heaped).
·        Turmeric powder – ½ tsp.
·        Salt – to taste.
·        Sugar – 2 tsp.
·        Puncn Phuton – 1 tsp.
·        Dry red chili – 2 nos.
·        Bay leaf – 1 no.
·        Green chili – 2 nos.
·        Mustered Oil – as required (Need bit oil as there is no use of water).

·        First boil lightly Lima beans and radish and stain the water and keep aside.

·        Take a pan and fry coli flower well and keep aside.
·        Dry other mentioned vegetable after washing properly.
·        Now take a Kadai in high flame, add Punch Phuton, red chili, green chili , bay leaf and stir well for 5 seconds. When it stats crackles add all mentioned vegetables and mix well.
·        Add turmeric powder and salt also, Cover the Kadai and let the vegetable to boil in low flame.
·        After 15 min (when all veg become soft) add ginger paste, fried coli flower and sugar.
·        Mix and cook for another 10 to 12 minutes in low flame with cover.
·        After that mix coriander powder properly with it and off the flame and give the standing time.
                 ·   Serve hot with Khicudi. 

Tradition Bhaja Pithe (Coconut Stuffed Sweet Potato Fry)

Recipe Cook Time   :   1 hr. 30 min. (approx.) 


For making dough:
·        Boiled moong/mung dal -1 and 1/2 handful
·        Sweet potato( medium size)-2 no
·        Rice powder( for binding)_ as require
·        I took one cup( for measurement I used tea cup)
·        Flour-1 tsp.
·        Roasted cumin seed powder-1/2 tsp.
·        Salt-1/4 tsp.
·        Sesame seed – 1 ½ tsp.
·        White oil-for deep frying

For Jaggery syrup:
·        Jaggery -1 /2cup
·        Water-1 cup

Coconut filling ingredients:
·         Grated coconut-2 no.
·         Nolen gur (jaggery)-1 ½ cup.
·         Green cardamoms crashed-2 no.

Method (Coconut filling):
·        In a Kadai on medium heat add coconut and jaggery. Stir constantly. When the mixture is sticking at the edge of the Kadai, it is done. Remove from heat and keep aside.

Jaggery syrup:
·        Let boil water and jaggery .when it's becoming thick, remove from heat.
·        Test using your two fingers, it should be bit sticky.

For dough
·        In a bowl put boiled moong/mung dal and boiled sweet potato. Mashed well.

·        Add jaggery, little bit salt, roasted cumin powder, Sesame seed in it and mix well.

·        Add flour and rice powder and make soft dough.

Process of making Bengali pitha/pithe:
·        Make small balls from the prepared dough.
·        Take one by one and flatten using your palm, then with your thumb and fingers make shapes like bowl or like small container.

·        Stuff coconut filling into it and close its edges and make a shape like puli-pitha as shown in picture.
·        Deep fry in medium hot oil till it become golden brown.
·        Now finally deep it into jaggery syrup that prepared earlier.

·       Then arrange all pithas in a serving plate after taking out from syrup.

·        Let it cool.
    [Personally I prefer cool pitha]
·       It is ready to serve.