Saturday, 15 November 2014

Orange Marmalade Cake

             If you are looking for a cake that not-too-sweet and that will last for days in room temperature (store well-wrapped ) then this cake could be the best fitted ,yes I am talking about ’Orange Marmalade Cake. The word ‘marmalade’ came from Portuguese means preserves made with fruit other than citrus. This beautiful, tender, mild-orange scented loaf cake filled with bits of candied orange peel is everything you want with your afternoon tea. Just for note keep in mind that you have to find the right marmalade; it needs to be the thick-cut. And that’s it all you need other essential ingredients of cake and honey. So what you are waiting for just make this Sunday caky with ‘Orange Marmalade Cake’.

·        Flour-1 cup
·        Orange marmalade-2 tbsp.( heaped)
·        Baking soda-1 tbsp.
·        Orange rind-1/2 tsp.( I grade only upper layer of rind from one orange.)
·        Egg-2 nos.( separated egg white and yolk)
·        Milk-2 tbsp.(can use more if you required)
·        Orange juice-1/4 cup(if the orange is more sour, reduce its amount and instead of it can increase the amount of milk. Actually I did like this.
·        Sugar powder -3/4 cup.
·        Honey-2 tbsp.( leveled)
·        Butter-50 grams.( in room temperature)
·        White oil-1 tbsp.
·        Tutti-fruity-as you want

·        In a clean dry bowl take egg white and beat until it become fluffy. Keep aside.

·        In another bowl sieve the flour and keep aside.
·        Take another bowl and beat together butter, oil and sugar powder till it became fluffy.
·        Mix egg yolk one by one and baking soda and beat well.

·        Next add marmalade, orange juice and honey. Beat till frothy( If require add little bit           milk at this time.).

·        Note personally I prefer to use it in cake, because it moist the cake more. But you can         avoid it and in that case use one cup of sugar.
·        Fold flour in it. If the batter is being sticky, then add milk into it.
·        Finally Mix Tutti-fruity in it.

·        Set a parchment paper inside cake mould and pour the prepared batter .preheat oven at       180 C and bake for 45 minutes or until it gets golden brown. Check with a tooth                  pick.(test as before I mentioned in my previous posts.)

 ·        It is ready to eat.

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