Friday, 28 November 2014

Doi Mishti Cupcakes

                     The ongoing event of KFB ‘Know Your Blogger -2’ is on its 3rd week and already we got very positive response from everyone, now this time focus on our another passionate food blogger Priyadarshini Chatterjee  form Let's talk food .
            She is comparatively new to KFB though she really successful to make an image within the group and as a whole in food blogging community. We really can say she has real courage and passionate who has so much devotion to quit her lucrative job as a journalist and decide to blog and reviewing in full time basis. One another thing, food photography which is really commendable. Her recipes are full of attractions, I choose 'Doi Misthi Cake' from her blog which is a must try for every desert lovers. You can find the original recipe of 'Doi Misthi Cake' from Priyadarshanis blog here.

·       Milk – 1 liter
·       Calcium Lactate-1 tsp.
·       Saffron strands –  for garnish
·       Condensed milk – 3 tbsp.
·       Mishti Doi /Sweet curd – 200 g
·       Cardamom powder– ¼ tsp.
·       Crashed pistachio-for garnish

·       Cupcake moulds ( I used silicon mould) - 4 no.

·       Take a heavy bottom pan and let the milk to boil. Whenever it is boiling put calcium Lactate powder into it.
·       The milk gets curdle. Keep boiling on still in low flame until the water separates from it and chhana floats up.
·       Drain the water and tie the channa in a muslin cloth at least for one hour to release the remaining water.
·       Now knead the chhana very well with your hands, until it is very smooth.

·       Add condensed milk and mix thoroughly.

·       In a bowl whisk the curd and crushed cardamom powder together.
·       Now take moulds and fill half portion of each mould with channa-milkmaid mixture and remaining half with curd - cardamom mixture.
·       Bake in a preheated oven at 120 degree centigrade for 25-30 minutes.

·       Your Doi Misthi Finally ready, pull out from oven and cool it and un-mould.

·       Garnish with saffron strands and crashed pistachio and serve.

This post is exclusively for the ongoing event "Know Your Blogger -2" for Kolkata Food Bloggers

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