Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Kheer Malpoa (Mewa Malpoa --A Bengali Sweet Dish)

            Not to mention Malpoa is a delicious sweet dish generally prepared on the occasion of Janmastami, Durga Puja or Kali Puja. Though there is lot of varieties to prepared Malpoa, I specially prepared the Kheer Malpoa version for the ongoing Kolkata Food Bloggers even – “Deepavali – The Festival of Lights with Sweet and Savoury” 
This malpoa recipe, that I have inherited from my Dida. Khoya is the main ingredient here apart from ghee, maida and black cardamom. So try it out your own and make the festival of light sweet.


     For Malpoa:
·        Grated Mewa (Kheer in Bengali)-1 cup
·        Flour-3 cups
·        Black cardamom-2 nos.(it need not make powder)
·        Ghee /white oil -3 tsp.
·        Cold milk-5 tbsp.
·        (Don't add milk at a time. mix gradually)
·        White oil or ghee-for frying

For sugar syrup
·        Sugar-1 cup+3 tbsp.
·        Water-2 cups.
·        Green cardamom powder-little bit      

For garnishing
·        almond chopped


Method of sugar syrup:

·        Heat a pan. Put all ingredients for syrup in it.
·        Let it to boil until sugar is dissolved and stir frequently.
            ·    Make this syrup not so thick otherwise syrup will not enter into the fried Malpoa.

    Method of making Mewa Malpoa:

·        In a mixing bowl put flour, mewa (kheer) , cardamom and ghee .Mix it well. 

·        Add milk gradually and make soft dough. If you require more milk, you can use.

·        Make small equal balls from it.
·        Spread it on your working board/silicon sheet with rolling pin with the help of bit oil.(if you spread it with the help of oil, it will be smooth and easy and the edge will not get crack.)

·        Be caution about the cracked edge if so stop immediately and mix little flour and milk mix with dough and again kneed it well.
·        Another important step is to prick unbaked malpoa with fork all over so that it should not pop out whenever you fry Malpoa whenever you fry malpoa.

·        Finally Fry it in medium hot oil and immediately put into sugar syrup. When the fried Malpoa totally sink in the syrup, it is ready to serve.

·        Garnish with chopped almond and serve this mouth-watering desert.

                      Wish you all a very happy and prosperous Deepavali in advanced enjoy the festival of lights with Sweets. Follow the Kolkata Food Bloggers page for more and more sweet items.

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