Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Decorated Chess Board Cake

          When I first saw "Chessboard Cake" it attracts me a lot and was decided to prepare the cake .It was a long plan to make a chessboard cake, so was keep searching from many sites and finally decided to prepare the same to celebrate my Hubby's birth day this time.It really takes time to prepare a Chessboard Cake as you have to make two different cakes and have to do lot of stuffs to prepare this and finally have to decorate the cake again    

     But but….after preparing I was extremely happy to get the result, my husband, my little daughter and also everyone gave me a positive response. If you ask about taste I will say that it is a really delicious and yummy. The extra ganache makes the cake tastier either. I wish to share the cake with you all .

Decorated Chessboard Cake


·        Egged/Egg less vanilla sponge cake-1 no(1 ½ pound)
·        Egged/Egg less chocolate sponge cake-1 no (1 ½ pound)

For outside frosting:
·        Whipped cream-1 cup(before beating)

For inside layering:
·        Whipped cream-1 cup(before beating)
·        Cocoa powder-2 tbsp.
·        Powder sugar-1 tbsp.
·        Vanilla essence-1 drop.

Other required ingredients:
·        Sugar syrup-As require

For Chocolate Ganache:
·        Fresh cream-1 cup
·        Grated chocolate-50 grams.
·        Butter-1 tsp.

For decoration:
·        Beaten whipped cream-As you require
·        Food/cake water base colour-1-2 drop.


For outside frosting:
·        In a big mixing bowl beat whipped cream until it becomes stiff peak.

For inside frosting:
·        In a big mixing bowl beat whipped cream till it become peak. Mix cocoa and powder sugar with it.

For Chocolate Ganache:
·        Heat a heavy bottom pan .put fresh cream into it. When it is boiling, pour chocolate and butter. Stir constantly. Cook for 2-3 minutes. Cool it to room temperature.
·        Cut each cake into half by horizontally. So get four round slices.
·        Now cut each portion of cakes into three rings.[In this case I used two different sized sharp edged containers.]

·        Take a cake base. Put a large sized vanilla cake ring. Spread prepared whipped cream in the inside portion of it. Then put and set a chocolate ring cake inside it which is immediate smaller sized than vanilla cake ring that you kept.
·        Again spread prepared whipped cream in the inside portion of it
·        In the same way arrange the vanilla cake ring inside the chocolate cake ring again and spread prepared whipped cream.
·        When done spread little bit sugar syrup over it and also spread whipped cream over it.
·        Arrange remaining cake rings alternatively in the same way.

·        Follow the picture if you face difficulties.
·        Again spread little bit sugar syrup over it.
·        Now spread beaten whipped cream all over (whole stack) and you can make any design over it (I just done the side vertical wall of the cake using Pastry comb) .

·        Now Ganache finish Pour the prepared chocolate ganache over it gently and let it ooze over the edges.

            ·      Finally to decorate the cake you can make any design you wish, I just make swirl 
                 rose with prepared whipped cream and star nozzle.

            Shows the chessboard like texture after cutting it .Waiting for your comments and                         suggestions


  1. Wow Thats amazing. I will try to make it but I dont think I will be able to.

  2. @Anusia Thanks, try the steps you can also make it.

  3. It looks very yummy and you explained it so nicely.
    I will try it :)

  4. @Ipsita Thank you so much..Pls let me know the result