Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Quick Boneless Kadai Chicken Biryani

          Recently I came across a write up about Biryani, which shows that Calcutta biryani is rated best among all other Biryanis (http://sundaytimesnews.com/news/268) , The survey takes views of around 1 million biryani lovers across the Nation and Calcutta biryani likes came around 59% of all. So Kolkata scored highest atleast in somethingJ. It is also my favorite all time and personally like Kolkata’s own Arsalan Biryani and Aminia Biryani.
           Here I am presenting a quick version of the original one and believe me it is so easy I used to make it every alternate weeks. It takes only one and half hour to prepare in all taking marination time altogether .You can do it without marinating the chicken pieces if you are in hurry .Only use salt and vinegar with chicken before preparation. Yesterday the taste came so nice that I can’t resist sharing it with you. Please excuse me as I was not well prepared to blog it and the only picture I have taken after completion also came out blurred. Go through the steps and try yourself. I am sure you will get addicted…  

Serving – 2
Preparation time – 1 ½ hour (including marination time)


For chicken preparation:
·        Boneless chicken pieces-  300 grams
·        Vinegar-2 tsp.
·        Salt- to taste
·        Sugar.1/2 tsp.
·        Curd-1/4 cup
·        Rose water-2 drops
·        Keora water (Panadanas Water)-2 drops.
·        Red chili powder-1/4 tsp.
·        Prepared masala powder-1/4 tsp.
·        Water-2 tbsp.[If required]
·        Onion-1 big size
·        Garlic -1 no.
·        Ginger -1 inch piece
·        Green chili-2 nos.
·        Oil-2 tbsp.

For potato:
·        Potato cut into half-2 nos.
·        Water-1 cup.
·        Salt- ½ tsp.
·        Vinegar-1 tsp.
·        Yellow Food colour.[Optional]-1 pinch
·        Oil for fry-1/2 tsp.

For Rice:
·        Basmati rice (soaked in water for 15 mints)- 2 cups
·        Water-3 cups.
·        Whole 2 cardamom, 3 clove.  1 inch cinnamon and 2 bay leaf
·        Salt-1/4 tsp.
·        Sugar-1 tsp.
·        White oil-1/4 tsp.

For prepared masala: dry roast cardamom, cinnamon, clove, mace, nutmeg, star anise and make powder. Star anise should be very small pieces.
For prepared milk: Mix 2 drops Rose water,2 drops Keora water, 2 drops Meetha Atar ,7-8 Kesar stands,1 pinch colour[If you wish]in 1/4th cup of milk.

·        Boil potatoes with all mentioned ingredients in section for Potato .Drain water and spread little Prepared masala mentioned over it and fry it with cover and in low flame for 2 minutes.
·        Marinate boneless chicken with salt and vinegar for 15 minutes.
·        In a pan put ½ tsp. of white oil .Add soaked rice and cook for 50 seconds.
·        Next add water and whole Garam masala.
·        When rice begin to boil to its ¾ th, drain it and spread it for cooling down.
·        Make a paste with onion, garlic ginger and green chili.
·        Take another kadai. Heat oil. Fry the marinated chicken pieces for 2 – 3 minutes in high flame and keep aside after chicken changes colour.
·        Use the remaining oil and add paste of onion garlic- ginger mixture and fry for 5 minutes .Add fried chicken and then put curd and others remaining ingredients and cook until the chicken become soften and gravy become dry and leave oil. Keep aside [If required you can use water to save masala from burning or over fried].
·        Take another deep kadai. Grease oil in it .First arrange fried potatoes, then cooked rice, next prepared masala, and next cooked chicken and finally cover with rice and the rest prepared masala mentioned.
·        Sprinkle prepared milk mentioned and cover it with a lid.
                  ·    Put this covered kadai over a steamer for 15 mints and serve hot.

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