Sunday, 6 July 2014

Sorse Ilish (Hilsa In Mustard Gravy)

        Hi! How you all enjoying the happy and relaxed Sunday today? Today my Sunday was joyful with the famous and traditional Bengali recipe "Sorse Iilis' in lunch. So it can't resist me to post it, though it is very simple and well known to all. Truly we Bengalis like Mach-Bhath(rice with fish)of any combination. Among them Hilsa fish recipes are mostly admir.
 In early days of my blogging when I just started, I had no idea of it and at that time I also not used to visit so many blogs and sites ,I just used to shoot my own cooked variety of recipes ,which was tasty, colourful and attractive. Among those most of the recipes were of fish and chicken. Varieties of cake making and other baking related recipes were always attracts me but didn't think of attempting and posting them. But day by day following many blogs and sites related to baking I became inspired a lot and now passionate about baking .Now on every alternate day I used to make cake or other baking stuffs .Day before yesterday my hubby said that he got bored with the sweet dishes (me too) and suggest to make some Bengali hot tempting yesterday I decided to make this dish and did not try to experiment much with it

·        Hilsa fish -6 pieces
·        Black mustard seed paste-1 tsp.
·        White mustard seed paste-1 tbsp.
·        Hung curd ½ cup.
·        Slit green chili -2 nos.
·        Grated Green chili -1no.
·        Turmeric powder -1 tsp.
·        Salt –to taste
·        Black cumin seed-1/4 tsp.
·        Mustered oil 4 tbsp.

·        Spread turmeric powder and salt on fish and mix.
·        Heat oil in a kadai. Fry fishes until light golden brown. Keep aside. It takes very little time to be fry.
·        In another container mix curd, turmeric powder, grated green chili, salt and both mustered pastes and together.
·        Into the hot remaining oil put whole black cumin seed and one slit green chili. Then add prepared curd-mustered paste in it and cook for one mint.
·        Pour hot water in it. When it is boiling to start, put fried fish and another one green chili .Cook with low flame covering it for 7-10 mints.
·        Off the gas and spread one tsp. of mustard oil over it. Keep it for standing time.
                  ·      Serve hot with hot steamed rice.


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