Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Vanilla Pistachio Cake with chocolate and buttercream frosting

              Though I am very much packed each and every day I always take some time out for my self when I do some research work related to food and cooking .That work really helps me a lot to learn new thongs and inspire me to cook some good, better and best recipes.In my view  I realised that going through some overseas blogs/ foreign sites for making cakes and decoration helped me a lot to improve baking and going toward perfection. I felt all those sites helped me to get so many new and variety of ideas in making and decorating cakes and baked items. For few days I was searching some basic procedures of making butter cream and its decoration. One of the sites among some wonderful is ‘eugeniekitchen.com’. I got that site which my husband also recommended who is now also very fond of baking. It is clearly mentioned in that site that to make butter cream little bit of milk also required but I generally don’t use.
         The cake was prepared after some R&D and it came out really beautiful and baked out perfect spongy. Feeling really good after making butter cream for the very first time successfully for the decoration. Let me know your feedback and suggestions.

·        Plain flour -1 ½ cups
·        Baking powder- 1 tsp.
·        Powder sugar – ¾ cup
·        Eggs-3 nos.
·        Pistachio- 14-15 nos.
·        Honey -1 tbsp.
·        Rum-1 tbsp.
·        Oil -1/2 cup.
·        Milk- 2 tbsp.
·        Vanilla essence -1 tsp.
For topping:
·        Melted dark chocolate [For melting I chopped the chocolate first and then put it in oven for 2 min in high micro power.] -50 grams.
For butter cream:
·        Butter (in room temperature) -90 grams
·        Icing sugar -2 cups

·        Paste the pistachio and honey together. Keep aside. Sieve together flour and baking powder t.
·        Beat the egg well till frothy. Mix powder sugar in it and beat until it takes creamy texture. Mix vanilla essence, pistachio mixture and mix well with beater.
·        Next add rum, milk and oil one by one and beat well. Fold the flour in it.
·        Grease a cake mould (I used spring form cake tin.) and pour cake batter in it.
·        Pre-heat the oven to 180 degree C and bake for 50 minutes. Pull out from oven and pour melted chocolate on it. Let it be cool. De-mould it.
·        To make butter cream mix butter and icing sugar well together and decorate on the top of the cake with a star nozzle. You can use colour if you want. I used rose pink colour to the butter cream.

Thank you

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