Sunday, 29 June 2014

Tutti Frutti Buns

·        Plain flour-2cups
·        Dry Yeast-1 tsp.
·        Tutti fruity-1/4 cup
·        Lemon colour-2 drops
·        Powder sugar-1/2 cup
·        Salt-1 tsp.
·        Hot water-200 ml.
·        White oil -2 tbsp.

·        In a bowl take hot water, put dry yeast in it. After covering keep aside for 15 mints.
·        Then add oil and colour. Mix it.
·        In another bowl mix flour, tutti-fruity, sugar and salt together.

·        Add yeast mixture water into the flour mixture and make soft dough.

·        Dividing dough into small equal balls and covers these with cling film.

·        Keep it in warm place for at least 1 hour.(I use to keep in micro oven)
·        Place these small balls over oven tava by slightly pressing them as in picture.  
·        Preheat the oven at 190 degree C and bake for 20 mints. Let it be cool.

·        Serve with hot tea.

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