Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Chicken Fried Rice

            Hi friends….Today I am sharing my special restaurant style chicken fried rice, which I make frequently at home and also on get together. Each time I got lots of positive admiration and this inspired me to share this one with my blog followers and friends.
               In this recipe I used Worcestershire sauce which brings exact and accurate smell like restaurant make. Many time I used to do fried rice at home though many time it does not contains the smoky smell ,finally I discover  adding  Worcestershire sauce brings the professional smell as per my knowledge, let me know if I am wrong and waiting for your comments and complements. 

            Preparation Time - 15- 20 mins
            Cooking Time - 30 mins
            Serves 3

For chicken paste:
·        Boneless Chicken -8 nos.
·        Worcestershire Sauce-1 tsp.
·        Garlic-2-3 cloves
·        Green chili-2 nos.

Basic ingredients:
·        Basmati Rice-3 cups
·        Carrot chopped into cube-1/2 cup
·        Bean small chopped-1 tbsp.
·        Capsicum chopped into cube-1/2 cup.
·        Spring onion (green portion) chopped finely-1 tbsp.
·        [If use white portion of it then fry it with onion.]
·        Onion slice-1 no.
·        Chopped garlic-1 ½ tbsp..
·        Grated ginger-1 tsp.
·        Salt-to taste
·        Sugar-1 tsp.
·        White oil or olive oil- 3 tbsp. [I used olive oil]
·        Water -5 cups
·        Green cardamom- 2 nos.
·        Asafoetida-1 pinch
·        Dry parsley- ¼ tsp.
·        Roasted Garam masala -1/4 tsp.
·        (roast green cardamom, clove, cinnamon and then make powder)
·        Black pepper -1/2 tsp.

·        Paste chicken, garlic, and green chili and Worcestershire sauce together.

·        Wash the rice and strain the water.

·        In a heavy bottom pan put oil. When oil is hot put onion and white portion of spring onion fry it until golden brown. Remove from heat and keep aside.

·        Into the remaining hot oil put asafoetida and whole cardamom. Add garlic and ginger, mix 2-3 seconds then put chicken paste mix it well.
·        When it was fried, add all chopped vegetables except spring onion and dry parsley. Mix it for 10 seconds.
·        Add strained rice and black pepper. Mix for one mint.
·        Pour 5 cups water, salt and sugar. When it began to boil, cover it and cook for 10 minutes.
·        Open the lid, Spread spring onion (green portion), Garam masala and fried onion. Off the gas and give it for standing time.
·        It's ready, serve hot with any chicken or Paneer recipe.

Thanking you
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  2. Fried rice looks perfect...happy to follow you dear...