Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Basic Butter Cookies

                         Cookies are the thing which is always a favourite both for kids and adults .I am sharing this “Butter cookies” with all of  you who are reading this blog post and a must for you in recurrence to share with your family or friends. Yes, they are like melting moments. Each bite of the buttery cookies will literally melt in your mouth. It’s hard to stop eating after the first bite. Not surprisingly, the whole tray was gone within minutes. I can bet that you will love to bake again and again and the fun is that it is very easy to prepare.You have always option to make a dough and keep in refrigerator and bake fresh whenever required. 

·        Plain Flour - 100 grams.
·        Corn flour - 2 tbsp.
·        Icing sugar - 60 grams.
·        Baking powder - 1 tsp.
·        Butter - 100 grams.

·        In a mixing bowl sieve all ingredients except butter and mix well.
·       Pour butter over it which is in room temperature and make soft dough.
·      From the dough make equal balls and flatten using palm and a make an impression using fork.

·        Pre-heat the oven at 180 degree centigrade.
·        Now after making these unbaked cookies, place them over a baking tava.
·        Place the oven tava into the oven. Bake it for 15 - 18 minutes.
·        Keep watching because baking time also depends on the size of the cookies.
·        Pull out freshly baked cookies from the oven.

·        After cooling down spread icing sugar over it.

·        It’s ready to eat in the leisure Sunday with tea.


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Monday, 19 May 2014

Masala Bread

       Began this hot sunny morning with my simple Bread-Butter toast, but the fun is that the bread is freshly baked at home, not bought from store. Feeling very happy, because got the great success after making this bread, which became possible only for one of my KFB friends “Rakhee”, who had given a good suggestion to use a particular yeast named “GLORIPAN”.
            On early days when I started to try bread at home, I tried Indian naans and plain white bread .Though most of the time I achieved Success sometimes failed and at that time I was clueless why it was not baked out perfect. But using this particular yeast I am now realising that the success rate becomes 100% .This great success and admiration of my family members also inspiring me to make more and more varieties of bread.


·        Flour – 2 cups
·        Sugar- 1 ½ tbsp.
·        Salt -1 ½ tsp.
·        Luke warm milk-100 ml
·        Luke warm water- 150 ml
·        Dry parsley chopped -1/2 tsp.
·        Chat masala – ½ tsp.
·        White oil -2 ½ tbsp. Flour -2 cups.
·        Olive oil -1/4 tsp.
·        Yeast-1 tsp.
·        Onion seed – ½ tsp.
·        Sesame seed – ½ tsp.

·        In a mixing bowl put flour, yeast, salt and sugar and mix it well. Keep it aside for a moment.

·        In an another big mixing bowl put all liquid ingredients like milk, water, oil and mix it.

·        Slowly put the mixed dry ingredients into liquid mixture to make a soft dough. 

·    Drizzle little bit olive oil in it and Cover it with a cling film, put in a warm place for at least one hour or until it nearly double in size.

·        Take a base as board or silicon sheet .Sprinkle flour on it and punch down with your hand.

·        Flatten this dough with hand .Sprinkle chat masala and parsley on it. fold it. Sprinkle sesame seeds and onion seeds on it.

·        On an oven proof tray put a butter paper and place folded dough on it.

·        Preheat the oven in 190 degree C and bake for 40 min. Let it be cool and cut.

·        You may slice it as I did and enjoy the freshly baked Masala Bread with tea or as you like.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Green Thai Tofu Curry

                 The origin of Tofu is supposed to be in China. It is low caloric and healthy too . Sometimes people called it "Soya Paneer", though till now we, Bengalis do not like tofu as compared to Paneer which is restricted in case of heart disease and diabetic patients but tofu can be consumed easily in these cases means it is also recommended for patients too.  
             So my recipe  “Green Thai Tofu  Curry” is the mixed up recipe rather fusion of  Thai and Chinese cuisines. Truly speaking  I really love the wow smell of green thai paste though never tried to make myself. Many of the times I searched the net for real ingredients and actual procedure and tried to assemble all together but failed because of the  main ingredients "galangal" and lemon grass which are not easily available in our local market.So with no option I have to depend on Kolkata's famous “New Market / Hogg Market’. But at least for me it is not possible to go there only for one or two items always. Generally I jot down my cooking requirements and used to go on weekends. Few days before I thought of preparing Thai curry and I went to "South city Spencers" for lemon grass but I did not get that.My mood became off and I leaved it.

              Yesterday my Hubby brought tofu and told me to prepare some special with it. Then and then the idea clicked in my head and decided to prepare Thai Curry using it without those  particular ingredients, lemon grass and galangal. Galangal is nothing but  raw ginger which obviously present in my kitchen and I used fresh lemon leaves that I can get from my little kitchen garden which I made on my balcony with lots of love.

          Believe me I had got great success to bring the real taste of Thai curry and after dinner got more admiration and felt really happy. So Friends please try out this awesome Thai dish my "Green Thai Tofu Curry".


For Green curry paste
·        Green chilies [Deseed]-8-10 nos.
·        Small onion – 1 no.
·        Ginger-garlic paste- 1 ½ tsp.
·        Fresh lemon leaves – 2-3 leaves
·        Coriander leaves [with roots]-3 branches
·        Lemon juice – 1 tbsp.
·        Salt – ½ tsp.
·        Whole black pepper [Roasted]-1 tsp.
·        Cumin seeds [Roasted]- 1 tsp.
·        Coriander seeds [Roasted]-1 tbsp.
·        Method:
·        Paste all ingredients together.

For curry we need:

·        Tofu[cut into equal cubes] – 1 packet
·        Green curry paste- 1cup.
·        Butter- 40 grams
·        Coconut milk-1 cup [I used homemade coconut milk.]
·        Fish sauce- 1 tsp.
·        Lemon leave torn- 2-3 nos.
·        Lemon zest -1/4 tsp.
·        Sugar- ½ tsp.
·        Salt – to taste
·        Basil leaves – 2-3 nos.
·        Green chilies- 3-4 slices(for garnishing)


·        Heat butter in a non –stick pan and add the green curry paste and fry over low heat for 1 minute.
·        Add ½ cup coconut milk and continue cooking till mix almost dry, stirring occasionally. Add tofu and mix well.
·        Add fish sauce, lemon leaves, salt, sugar and remaining coconut milk and cook for 1 minute.
·        Add basil leaves.
·        Cover and cook over low flame about 5 min.

      ·        Garnish with sliced chilies.

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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Chocolate Pastry

          This is a very attractive and double layer pastry cake. But this is special for me as my 3 years little daughter helped me a lot to decorate the top for the very first time, she usually pampers me a lot whenever I  do some special recipes, she used to ask lots of question why, which, what etc. about recipes. Now I am pretty much sure about her that she might develop some sort of interests about cooking.
             From yesterday her vacation started .Her usual demand after getting up from bed is “mama I will make a happy birthday cake”, her initial pampering becomes her love for food and cooking. I am very much happy.
           After baking the cake I gave her peeled dark chocolate and encourage her to spread this on the top. She was very much excited and was really tried good .It was really a nice feelings    


·        Flour – 1 ½ cup.
·        Cocoa Powder – ¼ cup.
·        Baking powder – 1 tsp.
·        Baking soda – ½ tsp.
·        Egg – 3 pcs.
·        Powder sugar – 1 cup .
·        Oil – ½ cup.
·        Milk – ¼ cup (or as required).
·        Syrup (strawberry) – 2 tbsp.
For garnishing:
·        Whipped cream – as required.(After well beating it should be approx. 1 medium bowl).
·        Dark chocolate – 50 grams (as required).
·        Essence – as you wish (I used pine apple essence).
·        Colour – rose pink 2 drops or as you wish.
·        Choco chips – as required.

·        In a mixing bowl first sieve flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and baking soda together and keep aside after mixing well.
·        In another bowl beat powder sugar and eggs well until it becomes frothy.
·        Put oil and milk into it and beat well (you can use essence at this time).
·        Fold the flour – cocoa powder mixer into it, you can use little bit of milk if required to make the batter smooth.
·        Put the cake batter into a greased cake mould.
·        Preheat the oven at 180 deg.  And then keep the batter into the oven, keep it for 40 minutes.
·        Make the toothpick test as I mentioned in earlier post.
·        Pull out the hot cake from oven and keep it for cooling down.
·        Cut the ringed shaped cake horizontally into two equal parts.
·        Spread strawberry syrup of 1 tbsp. over each slices.
·        Now beat the whipped cream and pine apple essence in a mixing bowl till it became hard.
·        Layer with the whipped cream over a slice and cover it with the other slice.
·        Again make a layer with whipped cream over the top slice.
·        Use the remaining whipped cream for garnishing.
·        I used 2 drops of pink rose colour with the remaining whipped cream for garnishing.
·        Garnish finally with peeled dark chocolate and Choco chips.
·        It’s ready for a big bite.

Egg Less Yogurt Cake

                   This is one of the simple and basic cake recipes. Spongeness and fluffyness both are very important in any type of cake base on which we used to decorate.  When I first started to make cake I used to search various type of basic cake as my husband's suggestion. Today when I tried various decoration on cake, I realise it is important to make a basic cake first and then any type of decoration can be tried on it. Few days  before at my place I arranged a kitty party and i made this cake and tried to decorated on it with a fresh cream and cream cheese, it 's appearance and taste both were awesome, but my bad luck is that I could not able to take snap at that day because of hurry. Today I made the same basic cake egg less and using yogurt. I had not decorate the cake much though used melted chocolate to decorate in hurry .Really it was an wonderful snacks with tea. I followed ,Joyeshri kitchen' for basic cakes.

·        All-purpose flour /Maida– 1 ½ cup.
·        Yogurt – ½ cup.
·        Sugar powder – 1 cup.
·        Baking soda – ½ tsp.
·        Baking powder – 1 ¼ tsp.
·        Oil – ½ cup.
·        Vanilla essence – 1 ½ tsp.
·        Milk – ¼ cup.
·        Tutti fruity – 1 ½ tbsp.
·        Dark Chocolate(melted for toppings) – as required.

·        In a mixing bowl put sugar and yogurt and beat well until it becomes creamy texture.
·        Add baking soda and baking powder to this mixture and mix well.Keep it aside for 5 minutes.
·        Add vanilla essence and oil to this and mix well.
·        Fold flour into it and also mix tutti fruty.
·        The batter is ready. Grease a cake mould and pour the batter.
·        Pre-heat the oven to 180 degree C.
·        Now put the cake tin/mould into the pre heated oven and bake for 35 – 40 minutes.
·        Check it by inserting a tooth pick around center. If it is comes out clean then be sure that it is baked.
·        After cooling down de-mould it and decorate the cake with melted dark chocolate using a spoon.