Sunday, 13 April 2014

Cheese Cake

                If we look way back, when we did not think more about deserts like cheese cake, mousse, brownie etc. We only have choice of our famous traditional Bengali deserts such as Payes , Pitha , Naru ,Makha sandesh etc. But in modern days besides these traditional dishes we learned to eat all cuisine’s deserts & food and also want to do experiment on all types of foods and cuisines .Globalisation and Internet is fully succeeded to mix all cuisines throughout the world.
         We Bengali like to attend every occasion. So there is also a perfect proverb we say -‘bangalir baro maser taro parbon’, and Bengali’s ‘taro parbons’ are incomplete without eating. So we eat ‘naru’,’ makha sandesh’ in poila baisakh and varieties of cakes in Christmas. Cheese cake is one of them. It can be made in two ways -by baking and the one is no bake cheese cake. Both are yummy, tasty and rich also.

·        Oreo biscuits -2 packets [200 grams]
·        Butter -60 grams.
For filling:
·        Eggs - 2 nos.
·        Lemon juice -2 drops.
·        Sugar powder -1/3 cup
·        Whipped cream – 4 tbsp.[After whipping]
·        Cream cheese (I used Philadelphia cream cheese) - 60 - 70 Grams .(2 oz.).
For garnishing:
·        Choco sauce -2 tbsp.

·        Broken chocolate –as you wish

·        In a blender first crash the biscuits. Melt butter. Mix with biscuits well.
·        When it became crumbled well, put it in a spring form cake tin and press it with your figure or back of spoon.
·        Cover it with a cling film and put the cake tin into refrigerator for cooling.
·        Now with a beater make a creamy texture of cream cheese and powder sugar. Mix egg one by one with it and beat well.
·        Then mix whipped cream, lemon juice, vanilla essence with it and beat for 2 minutes in low medium speed until became smooth.
·        Pour this batter into the prepared cake tin with biscuit-butter mixture. Now wrap aluminium foil from all sides if it.
·        Put this wrapped cake tin in a large another bowl with hot water in which the cake tin can be placed easily.
·        Preheat the oven at 180 degree centigrade. Bake for 50 minutes or until the centre became set. [Baking time will depend in the size of the cake. For small size, the baking time will be reduced.].Let it be cool.


·        Garnish with chocolate as you wish. Chill for overnight and serve.

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