Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Banana and Burnt Butter Pudding

               Tan ta na…My Banana and burnt butter pudding is ready for this hot summer evening.
             Though this mouthwatering desert is known to all I tried to twist it a bit and tried to add some distinctive flavor in it. I made it for one of kitty party with my friends and all commented that it is more like a cake they said truly as I also realize after cutting the pudding the texture was just like a cake.
        In BBC good food it was said to serve it by pouring golden syrup / maple syrup and cream. I was out of stock of golden syrup at that time and also leave the cream as my friends are very calorie conscious. It was bit funny as I serve it with chocolate syrup which also has lot of calorie. I used golden caster sugar to make this pudding and the colour comes out brown .So the chocolate sauce colour goes very friendly with it and the result was a great colour contrast.  Do try this wonderful pudding or desert.

·         Butter – 60 grams.
·         Banana – 1 no.
·         Flour – 75 grams.
·         Baking Powder – ½ tsp.
·         Salt – 1 pinch.
·         Golden Caster sugar – 50 grams.
·         Milk – 50 ml.
·         Lemon  zested – ½ tsp.
·         Sugar – 1 tsp.
·         Water – 2 drops.
·         Pudding  mold – used Silicon basin / mold for easily demoldation.

 For Garnishing:
·         Dark chocolate(peeled) – 1 tbsp.
·         Walnut(chopped). – 1 tbsp.
·         Almond(chopped). – 1 tbsp.
·         Cashew nuts(chopped). – 1 tbsp
·         Chocolate sauce – optional for decoration.

·         Heat a pan and put sugar and 2 drops of water .When it melts and becoming thick pour it into the pudding mould. Let it cool.
·         Melt butter in a another pan and then keep heating until it becomes brown.To obtain a nutty colour atop cooking as soon as it turns deep gold and the residual heat will do the rest. Pour it into the same mold.
·         Slice banana into ring shape and spread into the mould when the butter is still liquid .Let it cool.
·         In the meantime make the batter of Pudding .For this first sieve flour and baking powder together and mix golden caster sugar and salt with it.
·         Pour milk and lemon zest in it and beat well till it becomes fluffy.
·         Pour this batter into the mold, sprinkle chopped cashew nuts and almond and cover it with aluminum foil.
·         Steam it for 25 – 30 minutes or until risen and form to the touch. Let it cool.

Steam effect after 2 minutes
·         Then de-mold it on a serving plate and garnish with walnut and peeled dark chocolate .Serve it by pouring chocolate sauce if you wish. 

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