Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Egg less Doughnuts

          It reminds me the sweet memories of my mother making Doughnuts using old electric oven. I made this eggless doughnut in my mom’s birthday. In my childhood I don’t like cake of any type or pastry except my mother’s homemade special “ring cake”, yes I used to call that a ring cake because it’s shape is like a perfect ring.
    I made it eggless because now she doesn’t eat egg. It also can be made with egg and in this case just add egg into flour with butter.
   Here after frying I roll it into powder sugar though this step is optional. Whenever you going to make chocolate doughnuts you can just remove this step, it’s up to you. Without chocolate layer its taste is quite good and I bet people will like. The main thing is that you just go for the basic one and decorate the upper layer in various ways and ingredients. 

·         All-purpose plain flour- 2 Cups
·         Dry yeast- 1 tsp.
·         Sugar powder- 3 tbsp..
·         Butter-  50 grams.[Melted for 30 sec MICRO HIGH]
·         Warm milk-100 ml.
·         Refined oil- As required for dip frying doughnuts
·         Dark broken chocolate-100 grams
·         Refined oil-2 tbsp.
·         White broken chocolate-40 grams

·         To the warm milk add 1 tsp. sugar and the dry yeast.
·         Cover the bowl and keep it for 20 mints till yeast is dissolved.
·         In a big mixing bowl add flour and remaining powder sugar and mix.
·         Next add melted butter and all mix well.
·         Now add yeast milk and knead to smooth elastic dough.
·         Keep the bowl covered with cling film and let the dough rise in a warm place for 1 hour.
·         Once volume of dough is doubled and kneads again on a working board spreading little bit flour.
·         Roll out dough into 1 inch thick and cut with doughnut cutter.[But I have no doughnut cutter ,so  I did small circle with cover of bottle and for big circle cover of sugar container.]

·         Place on a baking paper or silicon sheet and let it rise inside a closed oven till it again doubled in volume.
·         Heat oil and fry doughnuts in medium heat until golden brown. 

·         When it is hot just lightly roll it into powder sugar and let it be cool as shown in the below picture. This step is totally optional and in my view  you can try this basic Doughnut as well, its taste is also awesome.

·         Melt chocolate and 2 tbsp. oil in medium micro for 1 minute and make a thin paste.
·         Dip one side of doughnut and let it set.

            ·     Melt the white chocolate in the same way and decorate with a spoon.