Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Masala Pithe - Poush Sankranti Special

  Yes once again it is winter,the “Poush Mas”. “Poush mas” is a season of multiple festivals along with the grand festival of Pithe, the sweet Bengali delicacy. There is a proverb “Bangalir baro mase taro parbon” which means there are 13 festivals in 12 month in a year for Bengalis,”Pithe -Puli” is a special food festival in Bengal with infinite number of sweet dishes and only work is "Pet Pujo", eat and savour the extremely delicious sweets

I am sharing one of my favorite Pithe recipes. My mom used to make it and called it "Bhaja Pithe". I have added a touch of my own to it. I call the modified version the masala Pitha.
The “Bhaja Pithe” has different versions, My Mother in Law makes her Bhaja Pitha by frying the "Seddho Pithe" using cumin seed and dry red chili in Mustard Oil).
Here goes my version of Bhaja Pithe with a twist - "The Masala Pithe"


For stuffing:
·         Grated coconut-1 cup
·         Jaggery (Nolan gur in Bengali)-3/4 cup
·         Grated pistachio-1 tsp. heaped
·         Grated cashewnuts-5-6 nos.
·         Roasted sesame seed Crushed-1 ½ tbsp.

For dough needed:
·         Flour –as require (very small amount, only for binding / Approx. 11/2 tbsp.)
·         Moong dal-2 handful
·         Roasted sesame seed-1 ½ tsp.
·         Boil and mashed Sweet potato(Big) -1 no
·         Boiled and mashed Potato(medium) – 1 no.
·         Mawa/Khoya  - 2 tbsp(heaped).
·         Jaggery(Patali in bengali) – 3 tbsp(grated).
·         Salt –one pinch.
·         Rice Powder – 4 tbsp. heaped.
·         Coconut grated – 1 tbsp.
·         Cumin seed + dry chili(roasted) powder – ½ tbsp

Method for making stuff content:

·         Take a pan and heat it.
·         Put first jiggery and all other ingredients and mix it and cook for 10 mins using constant stirring.
·         Stuffing is ready, let it be cool down.

  Method for making Pithe:

o   Boil moong dal rather half boil,
o   In a mixing bowl put all the above ingredients for dough except flour and rice powder.

o   Mix and smashed it well and then put flour and rice powder over it.

o   Make dough by smashing well.
o   Dough will be ready when it will be not sticky on palm and using this dough make small equal balls for staffing.
o   Using palm and rolling pin make it small flatten and stuff coconut mixture and fold it as shown and decorate as you like.

o   Deep Fry this raw pithes and serve it after cooling down garnished with mewa.

                 Your Masala Pithe is ready to eat....

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