Thursday, 30 January 2014

Watermelon shaped Mewa Burfi

                     This is the all-time favorite cashew nut mewa burfi for most of the sweet lovers, Apart from "Gulab Jamun" known as "Pantua" in Bengali this is my all-time favorite sweet, I have tried to tweak a little and played with some colours and tried to make a watermelon shape using the same ingredients used in C-M Burfi mixed with little bit cocoa powder, I tried to make a perfect look alike watermelon by putting some black cardamom attaching to the red or central portion but as the smell of the black cardamom was very much dominating, the original aroma of the burfi became faded so I  drop the idea and used green cardamom and it was adjustable with taste though the look was not matched with the black seeds of watermelon.

            I tried my best to match the taste and looks as per my knowledge. I must say sorry as there was no picture with seeds and promise to share it soon. Wishing all to try it your own and looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

·        Grated mewa-350 grams.
·        Cashew nuts powder-3 ½ tbsp.
·        Almond powder-2 tbsp.
·        Rose essence-3-4 drops.
·        Cardamom powder-1/2 tsp.
·        Ghee-1 tsp.
·        Green food colour-as required
·        Cherry red food colour-as required

For making sugar syrup:
·        Sugar-1/4 cup.
·        Water-1/4 cup

·        Heat ghee in a non-stick pan. Take grated mewa in it. Carefully sauté until it take light pink colour.
·        Remove from heat and keep aside.
·        Mix all other ingredients except food colour.
·        Take another pan into the flame. Pour water and sugar in it.
·        When water is being boiled to start and sugar began to dissolve, stir constantly until become thick sugar syrup. Put mewa mixture in it and with low flame cook it for 2 minutes.
·        Remove from heat and let it be cool. For smoothness mash it well and divide the total mewa into 3:2:1 proportion.
·        In to the first proportion mix green colour well, into the second proportion don’t mix any colour and into the third part mix well the red colour.
·        Now first take 1 tsp. red coloured mewa and make a small circle with your hand. Keep it. Take 1 ½ tsp. white portioned mewa ,make flatten it in between your palm and put red mewa ball in it and cover it with white portion and make a smooth circle.
·        Now take 1 ¼ tbsp. Green coloured mewa and flatten with your palm. Put white ball in it and cover it with green portion and make smooth circle.
·        Make other balls like this from rest of the mewa and covering these put it in refrigerator for half an hour. It will help to cut the sweet easily and also get a good binding.
·        Then cut the each balls first vertically and next cut it into  equal two parts.
·         The sweet is now ready to serve.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Red Paprika(Red Long mirch) pakora

Cooking was always my Passion and now cooking with Blogging is an integral part of my daily life . I am a part of the Blogger's association Kolkata Food Blogger - KFB, very fabulous team  and I am one of the KFBian which is not only a simple association  but also a platform where we have the opportunity to showcase our recipes,to give good ideas and also get good feedbacks and reviews.We have Table meets ,we have opportunity to reviews hotels ,lots and lots of invititations and most importtant have the opportunity of Learning new things. Though I am one of the new KFBian but I am feeling so happy that there is equal opportunities and company for each one.We are about to celebrate its very first Birthday on 27th Jan '2014 and like to add more and more members to this community.

I have made the famous'Red Paprika Pakora for the first KFB Potluck party.It is too simple and easy and quickly to do it.It is just a simple potato stuffing and then deep fried recipe.But I watch many peoples are restricted about potato sometimes.So I just little bit twick in this recipe for all.Hope you all will like it.

·         Red Paprika(Red Long mirch)-4 nos.
·         White oil –For dip frying
·         Lemon juice-1 tsp.
·         Salt –little bit
For stuffing:
·         Potato powder-5 tbsp.
·         Ginger-garlic paste-1 tsp.
·         Salt-to taste
·         Garam masala powder-1/2 tsp.
·         Red chili powder- Little bit
·         Chopped coriander leaves-
         1/2 cup
For making batter:
·         Rest of the stuffing
·         Gram flour-3 tbsp.
·         Rice powder-1 tbsp.
·         Baking soda-1/4 tsp.
·         Salt-to taste
·         Dry roasted cumin powder-1/4 tsp.
·         Hot mustard iol-1 tbsp.
·         Ginger chopped-1 tbsp.
·         Coriander leaves-1 tbsp.
·         Wash the Paprika(Red Long mirch) and clean seed from inside  just  cutting one side of  it with knife horizontally.
·         In a mixing bowl take all  the stuffing ingredients and mix with required water.
·         Stuff it inside the Paprika mirch. Spread  little bit lemon juice and salt over it. Keep aside.
·         In  a another mixing bowl put rest of the stuffing and all batter ingredients. Make a thick smooth batter with required water.
·         Dip the Paprika mirch in it  and fry in medium hot oil.

        Serve hot with tomato sauce.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Marzipan Cake - On My Little Pari's Birthday

         It was my first attempt of making a Marzipan Cake on My little angel's Birthday Today. I am so happy that it is really good  
          Marzipan is a paste made from ground almonds, sugar (homemade also contains egg).  To be called marzipan it has to contain at least 25% almonds (otherwise known as almond paste). Marzipan is used extensively in cake decorating, sweet making and useful ingredient in baking. When using marzipan use icing sugar to stop it sticking. When working with marzipan be careful not to over knead the paste otherwise it will become oily which can affect your finished item . it can be used as the final layer but most people then cover the marzipan with icing as well.  The marzipan adds flavour but it also seals the cake which keeps in moisture and extends the keeping time of the cake.  The marzipan also provides a smooth flat surface making it easier to get a good finish on your icing. Marzipan is the perfect medium for making cake decorations.  It can be coloured .  Alternatively you can brush dust colours onto marzipan. You can roll marzipan fairly thinly (approx 2mm) and cut out shapes such as stars, hearts, balloons or numbers and use these to decorate cakes, cupcakes and cookies. You can use marzipan in moulds to create anything from teddy bears and fairies to golf bags, shoes and musical instruments to flowers and baby feet. Marzipan is the ideal medium to use when creating edible models. 

Marzipan Cake

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Oats Pithaa


For stuffing:
·         Grated coconut-1 cup
·         Sugar -3 tbsp.
·         Mewa – 2 tbsp.
·         Chopped Raisin - 1 tbsp. 

For dough needed:
·         Flour –2 tbsp.
·         Roasted sesame seed-1 tsp. heaped.
·         Milk – 1 cup.
·         Oats – 3 tbsp.
·         Rice Flour – 4 tbsp.
·         Salt –one pinch.
·         Baking Soda – ¼ tsp.
·         Amul Ghee – 1 ½ tbsp.
·         Jiggery (nolen gur in bengali) – as required.

Method for making stuff content:
·         In a mixing bowl put all stuffing ingredients and mix well.
·         Stuffing is ready

          Method for making Pithaa:
o   First take the hot milk and mix oats into it.
o   In a mixing bowl take the milk oat mixture and rice flour in it.
o   In an another mixing bowl pour flour, baking soda, salt and ghee. Mix it well
o   Then put this flour mixture into the rice – oats mixture slowly and make a soft dough, if required you can take hot milk.
o   Dough will be ready
o   Using palm and rolling pin make it small flatten and stuff coconut mixture and fold it as shown and decorate as you like.

                  o   Deep Fry this raw pithaas and dip it into liquid jiggery and serve it after cooling 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Masala Pithe - Poush Sankranti Special

  Yes once again it is winter,the “Poush Mas”. “Poush mas” is a season of multiple festivals along with the grand festival of Pithe, the sweet Bengali delicacy. There is a proverb “Bangalir baro mase taro parbon” which means there are 13 festivals in 12 month in a year for Bengalis,”Pithe -Puli” is a special food festival in Bengal with infinite number of sweet dishes and only work is "Pet Pujo", eat and savour the extremely delicious sweets

I am sharing one of my favorite Pithe recipes. My mom used to make it and called it "Bhaja Pithe". I have added a touch of my own to it. I call the modified version the masala Pitha.
The “Bhaja Pithe” has different versions, My Mother in Law makes her Bhaja Pitha by frying the "Seddho Pithe" using cumin seed and dry red chili in Mustard Oil).
Here goes my version of Bhaja Pithe with a twist - "The Masala Pithe"


For stuffing:
·         Grated coconut-1 cup
·         Jaggery (Nolan gur in Bengali)-3/4 cup
·         Grated pistachio-1 tsp. heaped
·         Grated cashewnuts-5-6 nos.
·         Roasted sesame seed Crushed-1 ½ tbsp.

For dough needed:
·         Flour –as require (very small amount, only for binding / Approx. 11/2 tbsp.)
·         Moong dal-2 handful
·         Roasted sesame seed-1 ½ tsp.
·         Boil and mashed Sweet potato(Big) -1 no
·         Boiled and mashed Potato(medium) – 1 no.
·         Mawa/Khoya  - 2 tbsp(heaped).
·         Jaggery(Patali in bengali) – 3 tbsp(grated).
·         Salt –one pinch.
·         Rice Powder – 4 tbsp. heaped.
·         Coconut grated – 1 tbsp.
·         Cumin seed + dry chili(roasted) powder – ½ tbsp

Method for making stuff content:

·         Take a pan and heat it.
·         Put first jiggery and all other ingredients and mix it and cook for 10 mins using constant stirring.
·         Stuffing is ready, let it be cool down.

  Method for making Pithe:

o   Boil moong dal rather half boil,
o   In a mixing bowl put all the above ingredients for dough except flour and rice powder.

o   Mix and smashed it well and then put flour and rice powder over it.

o   Make dough by smashing well.
o   Dough will be ready when it will be not sticky on palm and using this dough make small equal balls for staffing.
o   Using palm and rolling pin make it small flatten and stuff coconut mixture and fold it as shown and decorate as you like.

o   Deep Fry this raw pithes and serve it after cooling down garnished with mewa.

                 Your Masala Pithe is ready to eat....