Friday, 9 August 2013

Mixed Fried Rice

Mixed Fried Rice

Serve for 2 

·         Basmati Rice -1 ½ cups
·         White oil- 4 tbsp.
·         Food colour (yellow &green)-Both 1 pinch
·         Whole Garam masala - (Green cardamom-3 nos.,Cinnamon stick-1”,Clove 3 nos.)
·         Capsicum slice-1/2 cup
·         Onion slice-1/2 cup
·         Carrot slice-1/2 cup
·         Mushroom chopped-3 tbsp.
·         Chicken sausages-2 nos.
·         Egg –2 nos.
·         Black pepper-1/2 tsp.
·         Parsley chopped-1 tbsp.
·         Salt- To taste
·         Sugar-1 tsp.
·         Bread crumbs-1/2 cup
·         Roasted masala powder(mace ,nutmeg ,clove ,cinnamon stick & cardamoms) - 1/4 tsp.


·         Take a kadai. Put little bit oil & whole gram masala in it.
·         When hot and begin to crackle put rice and sauté 1 minutes with low heat.
·         Put 3 cups of water  &little bit salt in it. Cover the lid. Keep it to boil for 10 minutes in low flame.
·         When done, put the rice in a flatten plate. Let it be cool.
·         Mix yellow colour in 1 tsp. rice& mix green colour in 1 tsp. rice.
·         Beat the eggs with little bit salt and black pepper.
·         Cut chicken sausages in to cube.
·         Drop sausages in it, then quote with bread crumbs and fry it. Keep aside.
·         Take another frying pan with 2 tbsp. Hot oil.
·         Put in it onion, capsicum, carrot ,mushroom and mix it for ½ minute.
·         Put beaten egg in it and mix it.
·         Then put salt, little bit sugar, parsley chopped, black pepper and roasted masala powder in it. Sauté 3-4 minutes. Remove from heat. Keep aside. Mix fried chicken with it.
·        Take a deep kadai. Grease oil in it. Mix rice and prepared mixture well gently.
·        Serve hot with any chicken dish and raita.

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