Monday, 3 June 2013

Mango Kulfi

                   In this hot & humid weather we always go for some light diet and cold drinks, a nice chilled “Mango Kulfi” would do wonders in this hot summer. The recipe is inspired by Chef Vikas Khanna who is one of my favourite since I got the first look in the show “Master Chef”. It is I think very much easy to make and not to mention looks absolute attractive. My hubby became very surprised when I first made this amazing summer cooler recipe and truly said it is really cool both in taste and look.
   As one said that every think have some blessing and curse so in this hot and humid summer Mango is blessing for us, really one cannot resist ripe mango for eating. ”Mango Kulfi” is the perfect cool combination of both Mango and Milk. So go for this and tried at least once , you will feel the taste of Heaven.  

      Mango Kulfi


  • Ripe Mango - 5 nos.
  • Milk –  ½ Lt.
  • Grated Mewa – 100 gm.
  • Sugar – ½ cup.
  • Bay Leaf – 1 no.
  • Basil Leaf (finely chopped) – 1 tbsp.
1.       Boil the full cream milk in a deep pan.
2.       Mix sugar, grated mewa and bay leaf and stir constantly.
3.       When milk become half, remove this hot thick mixture from gas and let it cool in normal temperature.
4.       Then mix chopped basil with it.
5.       Now remove the mango seeds from inside without cutting the mangoes

Process: Take mangoes one by one in your hand vertically and cut a slice from upper head portion (keep it aside), a portion of the seed can be visible and can be removed by gently squeezing mango.
6.       Now pour the milk mixture into be seeded mangoes one by one and close each one with its portion which was previously cut.
7.       Put it in deep refrigerator (approx. 4 -5 hrs. ).
8.       Take this complete frozen mango and peel mangoes and cut each one in ring shape.
9.       Serve this in this summer.

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